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Get The Lowdown on Books by Malcolm Gladwell

For a taste of the best books by star writer Malcolm Gladwell, try these books-in-blinks.
by Fionnuala Kavanagh | Oct 24 2017

Malcolm Gladwell is a world-famous social commentator and one of the most popular authors in the Blinkist library. Included in Time Magazine’s list of the world’s most influential people in 2005, and currently a staff writer for The New Yorker, Gladwell’s work is admired for making complex ideas accessible and enjoyable to read.

Learn about Blink in a blink

Sharp, witty, and provocative, Gladwell is known for pushing readers to call their basic assumptions into question. From revealing the secrets of corporate success, to offering a fresh perspective on social norms, Gladwell is a great pick for anyone, from business people to sociologists. Read on if you would like to get to know Malcolm Gladwell’s work but are unsure where to begin.


We all make snap judgements. We can’t help it. Or can we? Blink explores how quick-fire decisions are made, why our impressions are characterized by stereotypes, and whether it’s always good to listen to your intuition. Drawing on cutting-edge research from psychology and neuroscience, Blink explains the nature of the decisions that you make ‘in a blink of an eye.’ Read Blink if you want to know the secrets of skilled decision-makers, and why market research is not always the best indicator of consumer behavior. Learn how to use your split-second judgments to your advantage with this popular psychology book.

David and Goliath

Dominating the New York Times’ bestseller list for months, David and Goliath charmed audiences all over the world with its message that difficulty and hardship can often nurture creativity and resilience. This book is packed full of interviews with contemporary underdogs and examples from history that demonstrate how the seemingly disadvantaged can gain from their setbacks in life. Gladwell analyzes many surprising cases where the weak defeat the strong, and he pushes us to question our understanding of success. If you are interested in psychology or want a motivational boost, then you should read this top book from Malcolm Gladwell.


In this brilliant book, Gladwell shines a spotlight on the ‘outliers’ in life, the high achievers, the famous, and the startlingly successful. By presenting intriguing case studies, Gladwell shows us that we should not necessarily focus on what people are like to understand why they shot to the top. Instead we should look to the environment in which people’s success is formed: their culture, generation, and childhood experiences. Gladwell makes the bold claim that ‘self-made success’ is an illusion, as huge personal achievements are hardly ever due to individual skill. Pick Gladwell’s internationally acclaimed book Outliers for quirky, well-formed arguments on success and how to achieve it.

The Tipping Point

This international bestseller by Malcolm Gladwell explains the phenomenon of popularization. Gladwell presents a series of products, social behaviors, and business ventures that managed to cross a significant threshold, or ‘tipping point,’ and achieve mega success. By focusing on fashion trends, children’s television, direct mail, and many more examples, The Tipping Point explains the power of word-of-mouth and illuminates how ideas can spread like wildfire. Get to know what makes something transform from unknown to fabulously popular. Gladwell’s insights in The Tipping Point may just give you the edge you need to launch your venture into a knockout success.

There you have it! Malcolm Gladwell’s top books cherry-picked from Blinkist’s constantly growing library of bestselling nonfiction. With more than 2,000 titles and counting, our books-in-blinks are the best way to stay on top of today’s hottest reads.

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