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Blinkist Guides – a Game Changer in Lifelong Learning

Ever wished for an expert to handpick the best insights just for you? Welcome to Blinkist Guides – the game changer in lifelong learning!
by Chris Allmer | Oct 11 2023

For those committed to lifelong learning and seeking a nuanced understanding of the world’s most relevant topics, Blinkist presents its latest content format: The Blinkist Guides

Blinkist Guides – Introducing the Newest Addition to Blinkist

If you’ve ever dreamed of having an expert whisper insider knowledge in your ear, this is your dream come true! A Guide isn’t just another article or podcast—it’s an expert-led deep dive into today’s top-tier topics: think leadership, communication, personal growth, and a buffet of other essentials.

The best part? Every juicy morsel of knowledge is hand-curated from a ragbag of sources: books, podcasts, and articles. And the cherry on top? Exclusivity:

Each Guide is custom-designed exclusively for Blinkist users, providing insights that are truly unique!

Imagine this: on your Monday morning commute, you start a Guide on effective communication, and by Wednesday lunchtime—BAM—you’re wrapping it up, armed with actionable insights.

And between those bites of wisdom? Engaging and interactive tools and activities to ensure the knowledge sticks harder than your favorite song’s chorus.

Why Get Guided?

Picture yourself trying to scale Mount Everest without a guide. Tough, right? Now, imagine that the mountain is a topic you want to master. Instead of weathering internet avalanches, let an expert Sherpa guide you. And with Blinkist Guides, it’s not just about gaining knowledge but also mastering it. You can practice, review, and retain your knowledge with unique interactive tools ranging from journal prompts to quizzes.

And there’s more. Take a look at all the benefits of Blinkist’s new content format:

  • Personal guidance from experts you can trust
  • Exclusive insights you’ll only hear on Blinkist
  • A broad range of resources, put into context by an expert
  • Interactive learning tools to solidify your understanding & grow your skills
  • Right-sized knowledge for the commute, your lunch break, or downtime
  • Dozens of must-know topics to choose from
  • Informed Direction: Rely on subject-matter experts to explain complex topics
  • Wide-ranging Topics: With 100+ Guides spanning 27 categories


More on Blinkist’s Guides

Combining the expertise of thought leaders with the convenience of Blinks and Shortcasts, each Guide ensures you’re not just passively consuming information, but actively engaging with it.

Let’s take a look at an example:

Crash Course: 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do

Based on Amy Morin’s renowned book, this Guide helps you leave bad habits behind and guides you into a new authentic life; here’s a taster:

1. Avoiding Self-Pity:

Emphasize the practice of gratitude.

2. Reclaiming Your Power:

Analyze if you tend to relinquish your power and learn to reclaim it.

3. Handling Change:

Assess your relationship with change and discover ways to better approach it.

4. Letting Go:

Understand the importance of not being fixated on factors beyond your control.

5. People-Pleasing:

Learn the art of saying “no,” identify your core values, and tackle discomfort head-on.

6. Moving Forward:

Recognize five barriers that hinder happiness.

We’re now familiar with what Blinkist Guides are, and we’ve discovered there are over 100 of them, covering a range of topics. It’s time to take a closer look at the top 5 Guides that have gotten amazing reviews and have become favorites among our Blinkist users.

The Top 5 Guides on Blinkist

Have Better Sex

Studies show that we could and should have better, more fulfilling sex. In this Guide, psychologist and author of “Better Sex Through Mindfulness” Dr. Lori Brotto explores what keeps us from our sexual potential and provides several exercises to unlock more pleasure.

Discover Your Core Leadership Values

You can’t be an authentic leader without core values. In this Blinkist Guide, author of the Wall Street Journal bestseller “Elevate” and leadership strategist Robert Glazer will help you add conviction to your leadership (and life) by understanding your core values and why they matter.

Unlock Your Greatness

Michael B. Stanier, author of “The Coaching Habit”, brings out the best in you and everyone around you by leveling up your coaching skills. Learn how to reclaim your ambition, discover the basics of coaching, and get practical advice on being the best coach for your mentee or team.

And last but not least, the personal favorites of the Blinkist Team:

Our Top Picks from 2022

There is so much to discover and so much to learn. But, let’s take it easy. Another benefit of the Blinkist Guides is that you don’t have to follow any rules … at all. 

You can start from the beginning or jump to a chapter that tickles your fancy. And as you wrap up, you’ll find a neat review at the end of your Guide to ensure that the golden nuggets of wisdom are always within easy reach.

And to make it as easy as possible, we are happy to give you a head start on your learning journey with the Blinkist Guides. Check out this little button below and get yourself a 7-day free trial.

Start your free 7-day trial

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