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Master the Art of Leading with the Best Leadership Books of 2023

Ready to lead like a champ in 2023? This article uncovers the best leadership books of the year that can turbocharge your leadership skills. Don’t miss the Blinkist app for lightning-fast summaries!
by The Blinkist Team | Jul 4 2023



Rock 2023 with the Best Leadership Books!

Are you ready to take the world by storm as a kick-ass leader? Well, 2023 is your year! With some great books out there, you’ll be leading like a pro in no time.

And guess what? If you’re racing against the clock, Blinkist is here to zap you with quick book insights: Let’s check out these leadership wonders!

Leading a team or an organization requires a skill set that is continually evolving. To stay ahead in the leadership game, it’s vital to invest in personal development. And yes, self-development is already very 2023!

Among the excess leadership books in the market, there are five gems that totally stand out, including the game-changing leadership book “No Bullsh*t Leadership” by Chris Hirst.

What Does Chris Hirst Know About Leadership?

As the Global CEO of Havas Creative Group, Chris Hirst led a large team of over 10,000 people worldwide. Within three years, the company rose to the second position in Campaign Magazine’s global network rankings.

Despite the challenges posed by COVID-19, Hirst oversaw a period of record growth and profits. He was even shortlisted as the global CEO of the year in 2022 by Campaign Magazine. With degrees from Brasenose College, Oxford, and Harvard Business School, he’s a respected voice in leadership circles.

Furthermore, Chris Hirst is a respected columnist for Management Today and hosts a popular podcast on leadership. And most importantly, Hirst wrote the game-changing leadership book: 

“No Bullsh*t Leadership“ by Chris Hirst: Cut Through the Clutter

Hirst draws on his extensive experience in executive roles to deliver a pragmatic guide in his book “No Bullsh*t Leadership“. With a career spanning more than two decades, Hirst has a wealth of knowledge to share. Before becoming an author, he built his credibility by scaling organizations, developing high-performance teams, and driving cultural change.

“No Bullsh*t Leadership” is a must-read for aspiring leaders who want actionable advice without the fluff. Hirst gets straight to the point, offering practical solutions for common leadership challenges. His candid, no-nonsense approach makes this book an essential addition to your collection of leadership books.

If you already were listening to this exclusive Shortcast or reading the Blink, we have gathered more leadership books for you because there’s never an end to learning and advancing your skills. Get inspired!

“How to Be a Positive Leader” by Jane E. Dutton and Gretchen M. Spreitzer

For those seeking to cultivate positivity and inspire their teams, ‘How to Be a Positive Leader’ is an excellent resource. Through a compilation of short essays, Dutton and Spreitzer explore how leaders can harness the power of positivity to create significant value in organizations.

With a focus on building on strengths rather than fixing weaknesses, this book is perfect for leaders who want to make a positive impact and also adds the perspective of women in leadership roles.

“Leaders Eat Last“ by Simon Sinek

In “Leaders Eat Last“, Simon Sinek explores the idea that great leaders are those who prioritize the well-being of their team. Through a combination of true stories and scientific studies, Sinek lays out the importance of creating a culture of trust and collaboration.

Leaders Eat Last explores the influence that neurochemicals have on the way people feel and consequently act, and examines the discrepancies between how our bodies were designed to function and how they function today
“Leaders Eat Last“ also complements another classic by Sinek, “Start With Why“, which emphasizes the importance of understanding your purpose as a leader:

“Start With Why“ by Simon Sinek

“Start With Why“ (2011) tackles a fundamental question: What makes some organizations and people more innovative, influential, and profitable than others? Based on best-selling author Simon Sinek’s hugely influential lecture of the same name, the third most-watched TED talk of all time, these Blinks unpack the answer to that conundrum. As Sinek’s examples from the business world, politics, and technology show, it’s all about asking “Why?” rather than “What?”.

Then, when you know your “Why?” you can get your team excited about it too!

“The Nine Types of Leader“ by James Ashton

In this book about leadership, James Ashton talks about the different ways to be a leader. It’s like finding out what kind of superhero leader you are! James looks at lots of different boss-styles and helps you figure out what works for you. It’s like finding out what kind of superhero leader you are!

“The Nine types of Leaders“ highlights the strengths, assets, and pitfalls associated with each style. Through case studies, the book examines how different leaders operate and identifies the business landscapes where they excel.

By combining academic research and interviews with successful leaders, Ashton provides valuable insights into the strengths and weaknesses of different leadership approaches. This book helps you identify your own leadership type and offers guidance on how to optimize it for success within your organization.

“Leadershift“ by John C. Maxwell

John C. Maxwell, a renowned leadership expert, dives into the concept of adaptability in leadership with “Leadershift“. The book introduces readers to the idea of ‘leadershifting’, which is the ability to make leadership changes that will positively enhance growth and success.

In this leadership book, Maxwell provides the tools necessary to continually evolve and succeed as a leader.

“Leadership is not about staying the same; it’s about continuously learning, growing, and evolving as a leader.”
John C. Maxwell


Become a Better Leader With Blinkist

We understand that leaders often have schedules as busy as beehives. That’s where Blinkist enters the stage like a superhero! Blinkist gives you the essence, the core knowledge, of these books in just about 15 minutes. Yes, you read that right. It’s like someone squeezed the juice out of these books and served it to you in a shot glass!

Whether you’re a budding leader making your first steps or a seasoned pro looking to keep your edge, these books are the sharpening stones for your leadership blade. And with Blinkist, you’ve got no excuses. Knowledge is waiting, just a tap away.

So, embrace the wisdom, fuel up on the go, and be the best leader you were destined to be. 2023 is your year to shine! Lead on with greatness, and let these leadership books and Blinkist be your guides on this exciting journey.


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