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Audible vs. Scribd (Everand): Your No-Nonsense Guide to Choosing the Best Audiobook Platform

Discover the key differences between Audible and Scribd in our detailed comparison. Explore library size, audio quality, pricing, and more to determine which audiobook service best suits your listening style and learn more about the Scribd sister: Everand.
by Chris Allmer | Dec 2 2023

So, you’re trying to figure out whether to team up with Audible or Scribd for your audiobook adventures? Well, you’re definitely not alone in this.

Picking the best platform can feel like trying to solve a Rubik’s cube. And it’s already challenging to create the perfect guide for you when choosing Scribd vs. Audible. 

And as we were putting together this comprehensive guide, Scribd introduced a game-changing move: the launch of its new sister platform, Everand, specifically dedicated to e-books and audiobooks. This split means that we’re no longer just comparing two platforms – Audible and Scribd – but now we also have Everand entering the fray.

In our updated breakdown, we’ll dive into what each platform – Audible, Scribd, and Everand – brings to the table. From their audiobook collections and pricing structures to their user experience: We’ll help you navigate these options so you can make a well-informed choice that resonates with your unique listening style and needs.


Scribd vs Audible: An Overview

Audible and Scribd are two giants in the world of digital platforms for audiobooks and e-books. They offer unique features and cater to different preferences, making the decision of which to subscribe to an interesting dilemma for book enthusiasts. Here’s an overview of what each platform offers:

Audible: Your Personal Library of Audiobooks

Audible, an Amazon subsidiary, is renowned for its huge selection of audiobooks. It’s a service where your purchased titles become a permanent part of your digital library, accessible even if you cancel your subscription. Here are some key points:

  • Extensive Audiobook Collection: Offers over 200,000 titles, including bestsellers and popular books.
  • Ownership Model: Once you buy an audiobook, it’s yours forever.
  • High-Quality Audio: Streams audiobooks at 64 kbps, ensuring clarity, especially for high-quality audio setups.
  • Amazon Integration: Seamlessly works with other Amazon products and services.
  • Subscription Perks: Subscribers receive monthly credits to purchase new audiobooks.

Scribd: The Netflix for Books

Scribd stands out with its vast array of ebooks, audiobooks, and a plethora of documents (like pdfs), offering a subscription service that provides unlimited access to its extensive library. It’s known for its diversity in content and accessibility. 

With a subscription, you’ll have premium access to titles and features across all three of Scribd, Inc.’s products, including:

  • Everand: read and listen to ebooks, audiobooks, and more
  • Scribd: download community-uploaded documents
  • SlideShare: download presentations and other professional content

The key features include:

  • Diverse Library: Over one million titles, including both e-books and audiobooks.
  • Unlimited Access: Users can access unlimited books each month from a wide range of publishers.
  • Wide Range of Documents: Hosts 60 million documents on its platform.
  • Cross-Device Accessibility: Available on Android, iOS, Kindle Fire, Nook, and PCs.
  • Large User Base: With 80 million users, Scribd is a well-established platform in the digital reading world.
Feature Audible Scribd (Everand)
Library Size Over 200,000 audiobooks 178 million pieces of content
Content Availability Extensive catalog of audiobooks; includes Audible Originals Large but less depth in audiobooks compared to Audible
Content Type Primarily audiobooks Audiobooks, eBooks, PDF documents, magazines, sheet music
Subscription Cost $14.99/month $11.99/ month
Pricing Model Pay per book, with one book credit per month included in subscription Unlimited access to Scribd, Everand, SlideShare
Premium Subscription

Audible Plus: 

  • Unlimited access to 11,000 audiobooks  

Audible Premium Plus: 

  • Unlimited access to 11,000 audiobooks  
  • 1 credit for an additional audiobook
  • Unlimited access to books, magazines, and audiobooks 
  • Snapshots (short summaries) 
  • Download titles for offline access
Unique Features
  • Mindsets provides daily motivational quotes and mindset exercises
  • ability to highlight and save key insights
  • personalized recommendations
  • Top Charts in the app 
  • Full books
  • Podcasts Snapshots (short book summaries)
  • Sheet music 
  • Documents as pdf Magazines
Ownership Users own the audiobooks they purchase Borrowing model; access to books only during subscription
Audio Quality 64 kbps (standard and high-quality options available) Limited to 32 kbps
Languages Available in 8 languages:
French, Spanish, Italian, German, Danish, Swedish, Russian, Dutch
Available in 9 languages:
English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish
Customer Service High-quality support with easy return policy Basic customer support, no return policy due to borrowing model
Geo-Restriction Available in many countries, with local books and pricing Subject to geographical content restrictions
  • IOS and Android mobile devices 
  • Desktop 
  • Amazon devices 
  • Offline access with Audible Manager
  • IOS and Android mobile devices 
  • Desktop 
  • Offline access (premium users)
  • App Store: 4.9/5
    (4,6M reviews)
  • Google Play: 4.6/5 (1,49M reviews)
  • App Store: 4.7/5
    (76.5K reviews)
  • Google Play: 3.9/5 (52K reviews)
Free trial 30 days 30 days


And now: Introducing Everand – Scribd’s New Sister Platform

In a significant evolution of their service, Scribd has expanded its digital offerings by launching Everand, a dedicated platform for e-books, audiobooks, podcasts, magazines, newspapers, and sheet music. 

This strategic split enhances the user experience by categorizing content more clearly. Here’s what you need to know about Everand:

Everand’s Offerings

  • Dedicated Home for Diverse Media

Everand is now the primary destination for those seeking a wide array of digital media, including e-books, audiobooks, podcasts, and more.

  • Seamless Integration with Scribd

While Everand focuses on narrative and listening content, Scribd continues to offer a rich repository of community-uploaded documents. Subscribers can easily navigate between Everand, Scribd, and SlideShare for a comprehensive digital library experience.

Subscription Model: 

The existing Scribd subscription now encompasses access to Everand, ensuring that subscribers can enjoy a broader range of content without any additional cost.

Scribd vs Everand: A Breakdown

Scribd has now become the go-to learning platform for community-shared documents. Whether you’re diving into in-depth research, seeking insightful academic papers, or browsing through unique user-generated content, Scribd is where you’ll find these rich resources. 

Meanwhile, Everand steps in as your new destination for immersive narrative content. It’s the perfect place for audiobook enthusiasts, e-book readers, podcast listeners, and anyone who loves flipping through magazines or exploring sheet music. 


How to Access Everand

  • App Update: Existing Scribd users will need to update their app to access Everand.
  • Single Sign-On for Multiple Platforms: Your existing Scribd login credentials provide access across Everand, Scribd, and SlideShare.
  • Preserved History and Downloads: Your reading history and downloaded content are preserved in the transition, ensuring a smooth user experience.

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Audible vs Scribd (Everand): What Makes them Unique?

A Scribd Review

Scribd is often likened to the ‘Netflix of audiobook platforms‘ due to its content licensing business model and its flat-rate monthly subscription for unlimited access to its collection.

This unlimited listening feature is a significant advantage over platforms that limit users to one or two books per month. But it might be harder to get popular books, and Scribd might limit their availability.

Key Features and Benefits of Scribd and Everand

Scribd’s notable features and benefits include:

  • Unlimited audiobook streaming
  • Affordable membership
  • Access to every title in the collection
  • 32 kbps audio quality
  • Diverse content, including magazines, eBooks, and podcasts
  • Email-based customer service, with no return policy as there is nothing physical to return

Scribd’s Device Compatibility

The online learning platform works well on Android mobile devices, iPhones, iPads, and browsers but lacks compatibility with smart speakers and TVs. Users can 

  • control playback speed
  • take notes
  • set a timer
  • create bookmarks
  • share content

An Audible Review

Audible is acclaimed in the audiobook industry for its collection and high-quality audio. It secures some of the best books on the market earlier than similar platforms.

Even after canceling a subscription, users can still access their account and listen to their Audible audiobooks.

Key Features and Benefits of Audible

Audible boasts over 200,000 titles, including many bestsellers, podcasts, and its growing proprietary content.

Audible’s notable features and benefits include:

  • 200,000 titles
  • many bestselling authors, like Alex Callister and Stephen Fry
  • Podcasts of 7 hours and longer
  • 64 kbps audio quality

Users can choose between the enhanced format, which has minimal compression and better clarity, and “Format 4”, which requires less space and is suitable for downloads.

Audible Customer Service and Return Policy

Audible allows members to return any book within a year of purchase, with a simple refund process that doesn’t always require customer support. For technical and other issues, members can reach out via email, chat, and phone.

Audible App and Device Compatibility

Audible is compatible with a wide range of devices, including iOS, Android, PCs, smart TVs, and Amazon Alexa.

Scribd vs Audible: The Pricing

This section aims to shed light on the financial implications of your choice between Scribd and Audible, ensuring you get the most out of your digital reading budget.

Scribd: A Wallet-Friendly Library

Scribd is your go-to digital library that won’t strain your wallet. With a monthly fee of just $11.99, it’s an all-access pass to an extensive collection of books, audiobooks, and more. It’s a paradise for those who love to read without spending a fortune, with access to Scribd, Everand and SlideShare. 

  • Looking for More? Scribd steps up with a $12.99/month bundle, adding “The New York Times” is a little treat for those who like a side of current affairs with their literature.
  • Budget Conscious? The “unlimited*” plan at $11.99 per month is a smart pick. It offers a blend of non-premium and premium (3 premium books and 1 audiobook per month) titles. It’s ideal for avid readers who are mindful of their spending.
  • A ‘Netflix-Like’ Experience: Scribd follows a streaming service model, offering a plethora of content for a flat monthly fee. However, it’s worth noting that the “unlimited” in Scribd comes with certain restrictions.

Audible: For the Discerning Listener

Audible is the equivalent of a specialized boutique for audiobook enthusiasts. Its subscription plans, ranging from $7.95 to $14.95, are designed to cater to varied audiobook appetites.

  • Standard Offer: The $14.95/month plan provides one book credit plus a choice of 2 Audible Originals from a list of 6 each month. It’s tailored for those who prefer quality and curated content.
  • Platinum Choice: At $22.95/month, Audible offers the Platinum subscription, which includes two book credits monthly. This is perfect for those who consume audiobooks voraciously. If you’re still hungry for more, additional credits are available.
  • Keep Your Books: A standout feature of Audible is the permanence of your purchases. Even if you cancel your subscription, your audiobooks remain yours, akin to owning a hardcover that sits proudly on your shelf.

Let’s break it down:

Subscription Plan Price per Month Content Offered
Scribd Premium Package $9.99 Unlimited access to various content
Bundle with NYT $12.99 Premium package
+ “The New York Times” access
Unlimited* Plan $8.99 Non-premium titles, 3 premium books, 1 audiobook
Audible Basic Plan $14.95 1 book credit, 2 Audible Originals from a list of 6
Platinum Plan $22.95 2 book credits per month
Additional Credit $14.00 per credit Additional book credits


Scribd vs Audible: Our Breakdown of the Pros and Cons

After thoroughly exploring the content size, library diversity, pricing structures, and user ratings of Scribd (before Everand) and Audible, we are now equipped to break down our comparison into a concise summary of pros and cons. 

The Pros of Scribd

Cost-effective subscription plans
Unlimited access to diverse content including books, audiobooks, magazines, documents
Bundle offer with “The New York Times”
User-friendly interface for mobile and web browsers

The Pros of Audible

Superior audio quality (64 kbps) with a large selection of titles
Permanent ownership of purchased audiobooks
Flexible membership options and additional credit purchases
Wide device compatibility including smart speakers, TVs
Exceptional customer support and lenient return policy

The Cons of Scribd

Limited premium content in Unlimited Plan
Loss of content access after subscription cancellation
No compatibility with smart speakers, TVs
Lower audio quality (32 kbps)

The Cons of Audible

Higher subscription cost compared to Scribd
Basic plan limits to one book credit per month
Additional content incurs extra costs
Limited Audible Originals selection each month

As you make your decision between Audible and Scribd for your audiobook needs, why not expand your learning horizons further? If you’re also interested in language learning, you might be considering platforms like Babbel and Rosetta Stone

We’ve conducted a thorough comparison of these two language learning platforms, covering their teaching methods, pricing, and more, to provide you with expert recommendations. Read here!

Conclusion and Our Final Recommendation

And as we wrap up our detailed comparison of Audible and Scribd (Everand), it’s clear that both platforms have their own unique strengths and offerings:

Audible shines with its extensive audiobook collection, high-quality audio, and the appeal of owning your audiobooks forever. It’s a perfect match for dedicated audiobook listeners who appreciate a good selection, including many bestsellers and Audible Originals.

The integration with Amazon’s ecosystem and the option for high-quality audio playback make it an excellent choice for those who prioritize audio quality and a traditional audiobook experience.

Scribd, on the other hand, stands out as the more versatile and economical option, especially after introducing a new reading platform Everand. Its ‘Netflix for Books‘ model offers a more diverse range of content, including e-books, audiobooks, magazines, and documents, making it ideal for voracious readers who enjoy a variety of genres and formats.

The unlimited access model, coupled with its affordability, makes Scribd a great choice for those who consume a high volume of content monthly.

Our Final Recommendation:

  • If you enjoy listening to audiobooks and care about quality, having a lot of them, and feeling like you own something, then Audible is the place for you. Its user-friendly interface, integration with a wide range of devices, and customer-friendly policies add to its appeal.
  • If you enjoy reading and listening to many different things and want to have access to them without spending a lot of money, Scribd is the best choice for you. Its cost-effectiveness and the breadth of content it offers can enrich your reading and listening experiences. If you want to check it out and enjoy your 30-day free trial, click here to get access to Scribd, Everand and SlideShare.

Ultimately, the decision between Audible and Scribd (with Everand) will depend on your personal preferences, listening habits, and the type of content you enjoy. Both platforms offer free trials, so you might want to experiment with each to see which one aligns best with your reading and listening style.

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This article includes affiliate links, which means we may earn a commission if you make a purchase through them. Rest assured, our opinions remain unbiased.

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