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This App Will Stop You From Wasting Time And Make You Smarter

Want to become a better version of yourself? Blinkist can help you to get closer to your goals by becoming a learning machine.
by Sandra Wu | Sep 9 2016

Does this sound familiar?

Every year you hope to become a better version of yourself, perhaps by getting rid of bad habits, taking up a new hobby, or learning a new skill. Just one problem: you don’t have enough time.

Way too often, life gets in the way of our ambitions. However this year, the Blinkist app can help you to get closer to your goals and turn you into a learning machine.

Blinkist is a learning app that condenses the world’s best nonfiction books into 15-minute reads. You can learn about rocket science over breakfast, stock trading over lunch, and the 7 Habits Of Highly Effectively People over dinner. You can even learn on-the-go with Blinkist audio. Our goal is to make acquiring knowledge effortless, even if you have a busy schedule.

The Blinkist App

Download the Blinkist app

1 million users and counting

Since late 2016, we’ve helped over 1 million people meet their goals. Here is what some of them have to say about Blinkist:

Blinkist app
“Reading 15-minute summaries of books on @blinkist feels like uploading pure knowledge into my brain! I love it!” – Adrien Joly, Paris, France

Blinkist app
“Thank you Blinkist. I aced a job interview thanks to you all! The book in question was Getting Things Done!” – Pietro Guagliardo, Rome, Italy

Become a better version of yourself with Blinkist

In the time that you spent reading this article, you could have read a nonfiction title on Blinkist. What are you waiting for? Get this smart sidekick and become a learning machine!

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