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How Many Wives Did Andy Griffith Have? Meet Barbara Edwards, Solica Cassuto, and Cindi Knight

Dive deep into the unexplored aspects of the iconic American actor Andy Griffith’s personal life. Learn intriguing facts about his marriages, family, and the fascinating age difference with his third wife. The tale of Andy Griffith's wife is waiting for you to devour.
by Rob Gillham | Dec 27 2023
Exploring the Lives of Andy Griffith’s Wives | The Remarkable Family of Griffith

Known primarily for his role in the 1960s hit sitcom “The Andy Griffith Show,” Andy Griffith was an iconic actor with a successful career in television and film. Although highly acclaimed in his professional life, the actor’s personal life was equally intriguing—particularly his marriages.

In this article, we will focus on the woman who became Andy Griffith’s wife, or more accurately, wives, as the famous actor was married three times during his lifetime.

Andy Griffith’s First Wife: Barbara Edwards Griffith

Griffith first married Barbara Edwards, his college girlfriend, in 1949. Their marriage lasted for over 23 years until they divorced in 1972.

Despite that, there wasn’t a scandalous uproar; the couple separated amicably, setting an excellent example for their growing children. 

Andy and Barbara welcomed two adopted children into their family: Dixie Nann Griffith and Andy Sam Griffith, Jr. Sadly, Sam’s life tragically ended in 1996, at the age of 39, because of health disorders stemming from alcoholism. 

Finding Love Again: Griffith’s Second Marriage To Solica Cassuto

Following his divorce from Barbara, Griffith married Solica Cassuto in 1973. Solica was a Greek actress who met Griffith through her acting connections.

Unfortunately, their marriage didn’t work out, ending in a non-acrimonious divorce in 1981.

Until Death Do We Part: Griffith’s Last Love Cindi Knight Griffith

The proverb ‘third time’s the charm‘ fittingly describes Griffith’s third marriage. The famous CBS actor crossed paths with Cindi Knight while on the sets of the film Murder in Coweta County.

Despite a substantial age difference, the duo got hitched in 1983, with Griffith at 56 while Knight was 27.

Soon after their marriage, Griffith was struck by Guillain-Barré syndrome, a severe neurological disorder that led to near paralysis for almost a year. Knight’s dedicated care during those trying times often earned his heartfelt gratitude.

Unfortunately, Griffith passed away on June 3, 2012. 

Net Worth of Andy Griffith: Around $60 Million

In addition to his fascinating marital life, Griffith’s vast professional career also needs to be acknowledged. With his successful run in Hollywood, it’s no surprise that the actor amassed substantial wealth.

Griffith’s net worth was estimated to be around $60 million at the time of his demise. This amount included earnings from his acting roles, real estate properties, and production company.

The storyline of Andy Griffith’s wives and family life provides an intriguing glimpse into the life of this legendary actor. His narrative is part of a vast universe of celebrity stories that offer much more than surface glamour.

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