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Who Was André the Giant’s Wife? His relationship with Jean Christensen

Here’s a revealing look at André the Giant's wife, his only daughter Robin, his life beyond wrestling, and intriguing facts about his towering legacy, all rolled into one comprehensive tribute to the wrestling star.
by Rob Gillham | Dec 27 2023
André the giant wife
Credits: RampageOnline

Regarding wrestling legends, few names stand taller than André René Roussimoff, better known as André the Giant. His strong personality captivated audiences worldwide, making him a universally respected figure in wrestling.

Beyond the ring, however, little is known about his private life, especially his romantic partners. Contrary to popular belief, André was never married however he did share a significant connection with Jean Christensen, the woman who would become the mother of his child.

Meet Jean Christensen: André’s Partner and Mother To His Child

Despite his demanding career and public profile, André the Giant managed to have a private life outside of the wrestling arena. In 1974, he had a relationship with a woman named Jean Christiansen, but, contrary to popular belief and false online reports, they were never married. 

Despite André believing he was infertile, Jean became pregnant with his first and only child. To confirm the truth, they underwent a paternity test, which proved that it was indeed André’s biological child.

Robin Christiansen: André’s Only Child

Named Robin Christiansen, Jean and André’s daughter was born in 1979. The relationship between André and her was initially distant.

André, a superstar in the wrestling world, was frequently on the road, leaving little time for father-daughter bonding. However, during André’s later years, they worked on their relationship and even developed a bond.

Robin, despite losing her father at a young age, reportedly holds onto the memories fondly.

Death of a Giant

André the Giant’s health started declining due to a condition known as acromegaly. This hormonal disorder causes the body to produce too much growth hormone, leading to abnormal size, his trademark.

In the late 80s, this condition had worsened, resulting in severe physical pain for the wrestling giant. Eventually, André succumbed to heart failure in 1993.

André the Giant’s Estate 

After his untimely passing, André’s estate primarily went to his only daughter, Robin. He wanted to ensure that his daughter was financially secure, leaving her a substantial part of his legacy.

An Astonishing Drinking Capacity: 119 beers within 6 hours

Among the legendary anecdotes that surround André the Giant, his drinking exploits stand out remarkably. Known for his enormous capacity for alcohol, it is estimated that André once consumed 119 beers in six hours! 

André’s Legacy

André the Giant has a huge fame in the 1970s and 1980s. He popularized wrestling and helping establish the WWE’s global dominance.

He also acted in the cult classic film “The Princess Bride” as Fezzik the Giant, standing at an impressive height of 7 feet 4 inches.

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