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Unraveling the History of Alexander Hamilton’s Children

In this comprehensive guide, explore the intricate and often overlooked facets of the family life of Founding Father, Alexander Hamilton. Unveil the fascinating narratives of his children and their unique roles in adding depth to Hamilton's compelling legacy.
by Rob Gillham | Nov 27 2023
Credits: The Library of Congress

Long before Alexander Hamilton became the subject of a hit Broadway musical, he played numerous roles in the creation of the American nation: a founding father, a relentless creator of the financial system of the U.S., among others. However, one role often overlooked is his position as a family man.

He was a husband to Eliza Hamilton and a doting father to his children. This article delves into the fascinating details of Alexander Hamilton’s children.

Alexander Hamilton’s Children: Founding Father of Eight 

Alexander Hamilton was married to Eliza Schuyler Hamilton married on December 14th, 1780. The couple had a large family with eight children. The brood of Alexander Hamilton’s children consisted of Philip, Angelica, Alexander Jr., James Alexander, John Church, William Stephen, Eliza, and Philip (named after his elder deceased brother).

The Tragic Life of Philip Hamilton

Often remembered as Hamilton’s eldest child, Philip was sadly a central figure in the family’s narrative due to his untimely demise – a death eerily mirroring his father’s. Philip, following a heated dispute with George Eacker, died in a duel at the tender age of 19. His tragic loss had a profound psychological impact on his sister, Angelica.

Hamilton’s Daughter: The Life of Angelica Hamilton

After the death of the family’s patriarch, Hamilton’s daughter, Angelica Hamilton‘s unfortunate life took an irrevocable twist. Angelica was the couple’s second born, and she was always adored by her parents.

In her early twenties, she fell into a state of despondency when her elder brother, Philip Hamilton, was killed in a duel. A few years later, Angelica suffered a mental breakdown, triggered by the premature death of her father, Alexander Hamilton.

She subsequently lived the rest of her life in a state of mental confusion and child-like behavior, remaining in the care of her mother and siblings. Her family, choosing grace and patience, cared for Angelica until her passing at the age of 73.

A Snapshot of Hamilton’s Youngest Children

The Hamilton brood also included additional sons: Alexander Hamilton Jr., James Alexander Hamilton, John Church Hamilton, and William S. Hamilton alongside their younger sister, Eliza Hamilton Holly. Each led noteworthy lives on their own.

Several of the sons chose professions echoing their father’s; Alexander Jr. and James Alexander chose law, John Church focused on historical writings, while William S. showed his adventurous spirit in seeking fortune in the Californian gold rush.

The Reynolds Affair and Eliza’s Decision: Why She Didn’t Divorce Hamilton

The Reynolds Affair was a major scandal involving Alexander Hamilton, one of the founding fathers of the United States and the first Secretary of the Treasury. In the summer of 1791, Hamilton began a romantic affair with a woman named Maria Reynolds.

Unbeknownst to Hamilton, Maria Reynolds’ husband, James Reynolds, was aware of the affair and blackmailed Hamilton to continue seeing his wife in exchange for maintaining the secrecy regarding the affair.

In 1797, after rumors began to swirl and tarnish his reputation, Hamilton chose to publicly admit to the affair in order to clear his name from accusations of engaging in illegal financial activities. He published a document known as the Reynolds Pamphlet, wherein he confessed to the adultery but vehemently denied any financial misconduct related to his role as Secretary of the Treasury. 

Although Hamilton had hoped to salvage his public image, the admission resulted in a personal scandal that damaged his reputation and his political career. However, it’s important to note that his wife, Eliza Schuyler Hamilton, stood by him throughout these trials, choosing to forgive him and uphold their marriage. The Reynolds Affair remains one of the earliest and most significant political scandals in American history.

Despite the infamous Reynolds affair that severely tainted Alexander Hamilton’s reputation, Eliza chose to stand by her husband rather than divorce him. She upheld her marriage vows and remained loyal to Alexander, forgiving his transgressions, and focusing on his attempts at redemption. She outlived him by fifty years, dedicating her life to charity work and preserving his legacy.

Reflecting on Hamilton’s Legacy and Expanding Your Knowledge

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