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7 Companies That Are Transforming How We Learn

Designing your own learning experience has never been easier. Blinkist lists 7 services that are changing the game for lifelong learners everywhere.
by Therese Sivertsson | Sep 15 2016

I believe I can fly

At Blinkist, we’re all about reading and learning from the world’s best nonfiction books, but there are lots of other brainy companies out there that are helping to revolutionize how we learn, and what we’re learning too! These 7 companies are shaking things up by making the deepest knowledge, most coveted skills, and the most inspiring ideas accessible to anyone with an internet connection. Let’s get learning!

1. TED

TED is a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas. The first TED conference was held in 1984 and focused on Technology, Entertainment, and Design (TED) and the community has since grown to offer ideas in more than 100 languages and on almost all topics imaginable, such as anthropology, rocket science, insects, and skateboarding. Every project coming out of TED has its beginning in the question: How can we best spread great ideas”

Why is TED a game-changer?

By making great, big ideas available for everyone, TED is inspiring people all over the world to take action and pursue their dreams. My favorite TED-talk is one of the most viewed on the site—vulnerability researcher Brené Brown’s powerful talk on human connection. You can find some of Brené Brown’s books in blinks! Check out Daring Greatly, Rising Strong, and The Gifts of Imperfection on Blinkist. And if you’d like to know the secret behind a successful keynote, have a look at Ted Talks and Talk Like TED.

2. Udemy

Udemy offers a global marketplace for online teaching and learning. The company was founded in 2010 and has since reached more than 12 million students with its 40,000+ course library taught by experts in 80 different languages. Udemy offers courses for both professional and personal development and allows students to choose themselves what, when, and how they want to learn. The focus of the courses catalog is on skills required in the business world. There are both free courses and paid ones. Examples of courses offered are: Web Design, Photography, “Sleep Hacking To Improve Your Health, Energy & Mind”, Irrigation 101, language classes, and preparation for college and grad school entry exams.

Why is Udemy a game-changer?

Udemy gives people the opportunity to prepare themselves for higher education and learn skills needed in today’s business world, helping people build a better life for themselves, irrespective of financial means and other obstacles. I’ll be trying out the course on Yin Yang Philosophy next!

For insights into how education can be transformed to better prepare children for the challenges of the future Check out the blinks to Ken Robinson’s book Creative Schools.

3. Headspace

Headspace is the world’s most popular meditation app. Founded in 2010 by Rich Pierson and Andy Puddicombe, the Headspace app teaches users simple meditation and mindfulness techniques for a healthier, happier life. The user accesses guided mobile meditation sessions that take as little as 10 minutes per day to do, allowing users to meditate when and where it suits them best. The app has been downloaded by 8.7 million people from 190 different countries.

Why is Headspace a game-changer?

Headspace uses simple, friendly, and relatable communication to demystify and normalize meditation for the everyday (wo)man. It shows that meditation is easy, not elite, and can be practiced everywhere, and in the process helps millions of people be more mindful and lead happier, healthier lives. I started using Headspace in 2014 but failed to create a meditation habit for myself. Now that I’m giving it another try, can I get a high-five for 10 consecutive days of meditation” a little further meditative reading, you can check out Andy Puddicombe’s book Get Some Headspace.

4. Skillshare

Skillshare is a global learning community for creators. Through Skillshare, anyone with a skill to share (hence the name) can upload an instructive video of themselves teaching that skill for others to learn and earn money by doing so! The focus is on creative skills, you can for example learn hand-lettering, pattern design, and how to make the perfect grilled cheese sandwich.

Why is Skillshare a game-changer?

Skillshare gives everyone tools to discover their inner creative and learn creative skills while empowering creators to pursue the work they love. I tried a class on sketching.

To get yourself ready for a new artsy endeavor, you could try out the blinks to Creative Confidence: Unleashing The Creative Potential In All Of Us.

5. Babbel

Babbel was founded in 2007 as the world’s first language learning app. More than 1 million active subscribers use the app to learn one out of 14 available languages. To support the learning process, Babbel uses cognitive research and communicative didactics to develop its courses. Babbel claims that 73% of its users are able to have a short, simple conversation in their new language within five hours of using the app.

Why is Babbel a game-changer?

Language may not be enough to fully grasp another culture, but it’s a good first step to be able to communicate with people from countries other than your own. And being able to communicate is a prerequisite for connecting with other people and building relationships.

If you’d like a better understanding of the intricacies of language, check out The Language Instinct and The Brain’s Way of Healing by Norman Doidge.

6. Mindvalley

Mindvalley offers digital education platforms and mobile apps, online academies, and live events to give its 3 million users access to what it calls “transformational knowledge.” The company was founded by Vishen Lakhiani in 2003, and focuses on ideas and teachings by top authors in the fields of personal growth, health and fitness, spirituality, productivity, mindfulness and more. The big hairy audacious goal of Mindvalley is to launch a school of growth and humanity for one billion people.

Why is Mindvalley a game-changer?

Mindvalley redefines what education is and emphasizes the need to work on one’s inner and outer self as a means to success and gives you the tools to do so. For a little more on the Mindvalley mindset, take a look at The Code of the Extraordinary Mind, Mindvalley founder Vishen Lakhiani’s brand new book.

7. Clue

Clue is a period-tracker that is so much more than a period-tracker. With more than 2 million users in 180 countries, Clue is gathering data on female health and turning it into global insights. The app also includes educational material about the female body and reproductive system, helping women to get to know and understand their own bodies.

Why is Clue a game-changer?

In many parts of the world, female sexuality is a taboo subject that is rarely or not at all discussed and taught. Clue helps women better understand their own bodies and sexuality, and ensures that there is discourse on the topic.

Understanding and taking ownership over our bodies is just one facet of being a modern woman. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s We Should All Be Feminists will illuminate dozens more!

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