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5 Things That Will Happen When You Read More Nonfiction Books

While novels and magazines are entertaining, nonfiction books can be just as satisfying – and much more beneficial.
by Michael Benninger | Jan 19 2017

Why read books

Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX and co-founder of Tesla Motors, didn’t pick up his knowledge about astrodynamics and rocket propulsion in some Ivy League classroom. Instead, the industry-shaking pioneer taught himself the finer points of space travel by reading everything he could about the subject.

And Musk isn’t alone. Many of the world’s most successful people consume dozens of nonfiction books each year. So why aren’t more of us following their lead?

In a world of endless entertainment, we often opt for guilty pleasures instead of educating ourselves. But how much real value are those activities actually providing?

What if you can get the same satisfaction from nonfiction books? And…become a better version of yourself in the process” is what will happen to you when you start reading more nonfiction books.

1. You’ll learn valuable life lessons

You could watch a show about Abraham Lincoln, or you could read his first-hand account in a biography. The latter will be a lot more fascinating. Biographies offer glimpses into the triumphs and tragedies of notable people throughout history. Reading about the experiences of others can teach you valuable life lessons, helping you avoid pitfalls and make the most of new opportunities.

2. Your concentration will improve

Reading requires focus, and by making a habit of concentrating, you’ll find it easier to be more present and more productive. Fifteen minutes reading or listening to nonfiction on your commute will put you in a more focused mindset upon arrival at the office.

3. You’ll become a better communicator

By exposing yourself to more nonfiction, your vocabulary will expand, giving you more words to work into everyday conversations. You’ll also pick up on the style of accomplished authors, helping you sharpen your own skills as a scribe and speaker.

4. Reading upgrades your brain

Reading nonfiction is a workout for your brain that not only improves memory and analytical skills, but might help stave off degenerative neurological disorders. A chapter a day could keep the doctor away.

5. You’ll become brighter

Nonfiction is the gateway to knowledge a formal education often lacks. From history to business and religion to psychology, nonfiction illuminates any number of areas, making you more intelligent and well-rounded.

What will you learn?

The benefits of nonfiction are numerous, but not everyone has the time to read a 400-page book. That’s where Blinkist comes in. Our app features nonfiction books distilled down to their core concepts and presented in bite-sized “blinks” you can read on the subway or listen to on your drive to work. And with a library of more than 1,800 books, there’s no telling what you’ll learn.

Awaken your love for reading and improve your life by using Blinkist to explore the world of nonfiction books. Elon Musk taught himself rocket science. What will you choose to learn? Find out by downloading the Blinkist app today.

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