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5 Life Hacks That Can Make You More Effective Today

From apps to assistants -- technology might make you more efficient, but are you working on the right things? Get more effective with these tips.
by Sandra Wu | Mar 23 2017

The key to an effective life isn’t to do everything, but to focus on the important things. With this in mind, here are 5 tips to make you instantly more effective, productive and, ultimately, happier.

These valuable tips have been put together by the team behind the Blinkist app; they have read thousands of books on self-help, productivity, and business. If you like the tips, you should read the key insights from the books mentioned with the Blinkist app. The app offers the most important takeaways from bestselling nonfiction that you can read or listen to in 15 minutes or less.

1. Focus on the 20% that matters

The 80/20 Principle – Richard Koch

Have you heard of the phrase “80% of your results come from 20% of the effort”? This golden rule applies to just about everything in life. To put it in perspective, how many of your friends actually make you happy? By accepting that most of what you do in life is unnecessary, you can take a giant leap forward. Find out how you can do so by reading the highlights for this book on Blinkist.

2. Don’t be afraid to say no

The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving A F*ck – Sarah Knight

This books teaches you that it is alright to say no to your friends and family. You can refuse their invitations, without sounding ungrateful. By doing so, not only do you free up more time and resources, but you also set realistic expectations. Learn the art of friendly refusal in 15 minutes by reading Blinkist’s highlights on this book.

3. Sleep more and work less

The Organized Mind – Daniel Levitan

There is a lot of wisdom in the phrase “sleep on it”. In today’s workplace, you might get praised for staying up late and working hard, but this is hardly productive. According to Levitan, your best work, tend to come after a good night’s sleep. Find out how you can ace your job, without ever working overtime in our highlights on The Organized Mind.

4. Manage distractions

Getting Things Done – David Allen

In this self help classic, Allen shows you how to manage modern world’s many distractions by using a 2-minute rule. It states that you should only allow yourself to be sidetracked from your task at hand – if it took less than 2 minutes to complete. Otherwise, it should be added to a to-do list. This is the best way to make sure that you get things done instead of just attending to “urgent matters”. He also shares how you can make use of to-do lists to organize different aspects of life. Find out his key takeaways in our app.

5. Wake up early and plan your day

The Miracle Morning – Hal Elrod

Are you an early bird? Or a night owl? Author Hal Elrod thinks you should be the former. He discovered that by carrying out a simple 30-minute ritual every morning, you are a lot more likely to succeed. The logic is simple, if you tackle your day with a sense of purpose, you will achieve more. Read about it in the Blinkist app.

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