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Write The Future with Bill Gates

The books that the Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist recommended to TEDsters this year
7 books | Curated by Blinkist
Behind the Beautiful Forevers
Katherine Boo

Behind the Beautiful Forevers describes life in the Annawadi slum in India, close to Mumbai’s international airport. These blinks tell the story of families who live in squalid conditions but still dream of a better life, even though the odds ...

The Man Who Fed the World
Leon Hesser

The Man Who Fed the World tells the story of Norman Borlaug, Nobel Peace Prize laureate, and his work in fighting world hunger. The past and future of world agriculture and hunger are examined.

Energy Myths and Realities
Vaclav Smil

These blinks provide an objective, science-based look into the global energy debate that is so often dominated by the misleading rhetoric of politicians, industry leaders and activists.

Getting Better
Charles Kenny

As pessimists talk of an economic development crisis, author Charles Kenny is optimistic in his assessment that in fact, all over the world, we’ve made enormous progress in overall quality of life. Getting Better shows that the spread of technology and ideas has fostere...

Should We Eat Meat?
Vaclav Smil

Should We Eat Meat? (2013) helps you navigate the ethical dilemmas behind your hamburger with a broad and objective assessment of meat production and consumption. Should you stick to grass-fed beef or take up veganism to save the planet? These blinks will give you all t...

Making the Modern World
Vaclav Smil

Making the Modern World (2014) is a guide to humanity’s material consumption through history and into the future. These blinks explain the major material categories of our time and how we can effectively manage them as we move forward.

The Better Angels of Our Nature
Steven Pinker

The Better Angels of Our Nature (2012) takes a close look at the history of violence in human society, explaining both our motivations to use violence on certain occasions and the factors that increasingly restrain us from us...

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