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Top 10 Books-in-Blinks of 2016

Here’s what the Blinkist community loved and read most this year
10 Bücher | Empfohlen von Blinkist
Eat, Move, Sleep
Tom Rath

Eat, Move, Sleep (2013) offers simple tips for improving your health and well-being in some very important ways. You don’t have to revolutionize your lifestyle to get in shape and increase your energy levels – little changes can make a big difference, and these blinks w...

The Secret Life of Sleep
Kat Duff

The Secret Life of Sleep (2014) takes an enlightening look at what exactly sleep is. Using cutting-edge scientific research and examples from cultures around the world, Kat Duff explores why and how we sleep, and what makes some Western sleeping patterns particularly un...

The Sleep Revolution
Arianna Huffington

These blinks are about the importance of a basic human necessity that we often brush aside: sleep. Getting enough sleep isn’t just about feeling better in the morning – it improves your work performance, health and even your personal relationships. Similarly, sleep deprivation i...

Smarter Faster Better
Charles Duhigg

Smarter Better Faster (2016) combines personal stories and business research to show that being productive isn’t just about managing your to-do list, but about making the right choices and maintaining the right mindset. These blinks offer advice on how to stay motivated...

15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management
Kevin Kruse

15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management (2015) combines the wisdom of winning athletes, unstoppable entrepreneurs, brilliant billionaires and honors students to give you the tools for intense productivity and focus.

Organize Tomorrow Today
Dr. Jason Selk, Tom Bartow and Matthew Rudy

Organize Tomorrow Today (2015) is the definitive guide to achieving a successful career and fulfilling life. These blinks offer you valuable information, giving you the tools to unlock the power of your mind, increase your self-confidence and become your most productive...

18 Minutes
Peter Bregman

18 Minutes (2011) is a helpful guide to getting things done by focusing on meaningful work, reaching goals and preventing distractions. These blinks will show how to identify the kind of work that is right for you and how to stay on track and hit your targets.

The Coaching Habit
Michael Bungay Stanier

The Coaching Habit (2016) breaks down the elements of coaching and explains how to coach effectively. Contrary to what you might think, coaching isn’t about giving advice but instead about guiding employees to find their way to success. These blinks show how you too can...

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success
Deepak Chopra

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success (2007) is about the forces in the universe that can lead you toward the perfect job, increased wealth and well-being, strong relationships and, most importantly, the ability to enjoy what you have this moment. Discover the seven unive...

The 11 Laws of Likability
Michelle Tillis Lederman

The 11 Laws of Likability (2011) is a guide to networking built on one simple fact: people do business with people they like. These blinks will explain how to discover your most likable characteristics, start conversations and keep them going, and make a lastin...

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