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Media with Ryan Holiday

Growth-hacker, media strategist, and bestselling author Ryan Holiday's favorites
8 books | Curated by Ryan Holiday
Here Comes Everybody
Clay Shirky

Thanks to advancements in communication technologies and the widespread availability of the Internet, we can now contact one another and share information at unprecedented rates. Here Comes Everybody explains how these changes aren’t just affecting the...

Brave New War
John Robb

Modern technology and globalization have made it possible for one man to wage war against an entire country and win. Although it might seem unbelievable, it’s not.

Technological advances like the internet have made it possible for groups of terrorists and criminals to con...

The Pirate’s Dilemma
Matt Mason

The Pirate’s Dilemma is an examination of the pirate spirit, its rejection of authority, and the profound ways that this philosophy has changed the world for the better. By adopting the pirate spirit, individuals and businesses have a chance to use ope...

The New New Thing
Michael Lewis

This look into the life of Jim Clark, an entrepreneur who created three separate billion-dollar tech companies, is both wild and unbelievable. From his stubborn pursuit to build the world’s most expensive yacht to his boardroom antics filled with curse words and slander, it’s cl...

The Net Delusion
Evgeny Morozov

The Net Delusion tackles head on the beliefs we hold about the utopian power of the internet. Evgeny Morozov shows us how the internet isn’t always a force for democracy and freedom, and reveals how both authoritarian and democratic regimes control the...

Hackers and Painters
Paul Graham

In Hackers and Painters, author Paul Graham examines the creative nature of computer programming and the programming languages that facilitate it, as well as how programmers can use their skills to potentially make a fortune.

Don Tapscott & Anthony D. Williams

Wikinomics shows how Wikipedia-like mass collaboration of individuals is revolutionizing society and business, and why this is actually good for companies and the public.

You Are Not a Gadget
Jaron Lanier

You Are Not a Gadget (2010) examines why the internet tends to glorify the hive-mind and devalue the individual. Serving as both a history lesson of the web’s origins and a warning of the future consequences of its current path, this book illuminates the hidden design o...

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