Expert Picks: Arianna Huffington

Check out Thrive Global founder and CEO Arianna Huffington’s top reads on sleep, wellbeing and productivity.
7 books | Curated by Arianna Huffington
The Secret Life of Sleep by Kat Duff
The Secret Life of Sleep
Kat Duff

The Secret Life of Sleep (2014) takes an enlightening look at what exactly sleep is. Using cutting-edge scientific research and examples from cultures around the world, Kat Duff explores why and how we sleep, and what makes some Western sleeping patterns particularly un...

Dangerously Sleepy by Alan Derickson
Dangerously Sleepy
Alan Derickson

Dangerously Sleepy (2014) shines a light on one of the oft-ignored yet highly relevant legacies of the industrial revolution: lack of sleep. The nineteenth century brought us many innovations, such as electricity, railroads and modern machinery, but it also led to explo...

10% Happier by Dan Harris
10% Happier
Dan Harris

10% Happier demystifies the ancient art of meditation by explaining recent, cutting-edge scientific research into how meditation affects your body and mind. Importantly, it shows you just how valuable meditation can be in coping with the chaos and stress of modern life....

Mindful Work by David Gelles
Mindful Work
David Gelles

Mindful Work (2015) provides an introduction to why and how mindfulness is practiced in the West today, on an individual, as well as professional level. Using examples from well-known companies, it explains the benefits that mindfulness can offer you, the people around ...

Reclaiming Conversation by Sherry Turkle
Reclaiming Conversation
Sherry Turkle

Reclaiming Conversation (2015) reflects on how we interact with one another in our increasingly digitized world. Constant interruptions, leaving messages unanswered and lack of interest have all become the norm in a world rife with mobile devices and screens. But is thi...

The Mindful Athlete by George Mumford
The Mindful Athlete
George Mumford

The Mindful Athlete (2015) explains how to unlock your hidden “superpowers” by practicing mindfulness. When you learn how to channel your own inner divinity, you’ll reach your peak performance – in sports or in any other field.

The Lucky Years by Dr. David B. Agus
The Lucky Years
Dr. David B. Agus

The Lucky Years (2016) is your guide to understanding the cutting-edge developments in medical science which are addressing society’s most pressing health problems. While advances in genetics may seem to be the key to curing cancer, infertility and aging, these blinks s...

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