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Self? Help! is the podcast for anyone who's thought:

“Who the hell am I?
What in God’s name am I doing?
And how did I get here of all places?”

Then, to figure it all out, you turned to a book—because you’re that kind of person, and so is your host, Moth Storyteller and creator of Memory Motel, Terence Mickey. He doesn't care from where you seek your guidance, whether it’s Leo Tolstoy or Dr. Seuss. He's a firm believer that we cannot get enough help in this life and that books are, indeed, magic. In Season 1, listen in as Terence talks with New York Times best-selling authors Susan Cain, Paula McLain, Johann Hari, Sarah Knight, and Eli Finkel.

What’s Blinkist?

It’s a service. It’s an app. It's a smarter way to get smarter. We take the world’s bestselling nonfiction books and condense them into focused little capsules of audio and text that take just fifteen minutes to digest. Blinkist makes it easy to discover more of what matters to you.

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