Boredgirl 450x345
Did you know that on average, people lie three times within 10 minutes of meeting someone new? Here are some neat tricks to spot the lies.
Danariely 1024x500 450x345
TED speaker, author, and behavioral economist Dan Ariely on human behavior, why we're so unpredictable, motivation, and much more.
Slow 1024x500 450x345
In an age of Lean and MVPs, remember that nothing will sell better than a perfect product. This is a defense of going slow—and the books to back it up.
Steven at work small 450x345
Learn how one of our tech leads blended Holacracy, Kanban, Scrum, and Lean principles to build a workflow system for Blinkist that worked like a charm.
Blinkistmag podcast 450x345
Why should you rebrand? How should you rebrand? Find out all of this and more from our experience building the new Blinkist.
Donaldhillary 1024x500 450x345
Want to know how Trump and Clinton plan to woo you to their camps? Learn the promises behind the two candidates’ personal brands.
Personal branding 1024500 450x345
Branding isn’t just for businesses! We can all create brands ourselves. Get these 3 elements of personal brand right and you’ll stand out from the crowd.
Leeyohn2 1024x500 450x345
Denise Lee Yohn, author of What Great Brands Do, on why all great branding starts on the inside and how to make sure your brand is successful.
Nike what makes a good brand 450x345
How do world-class brands get to become so well-known and beloved? These books describe the histories of 7 companies, from Apple to LEGO.
Jason1024x500 450x345
What do a former professional Irish rugby player, an artist from Portland, Oregon and an entrepreneur from Jordan have in common? Find out here.
Money 1024 x 500 450x345
It's never too early to start learning about how to make your money work for you. Robert Kiyosaki's book Rich Dad, Poor Dad is a great place to start!
Langlearn redo 450x345
German, French or Japanese, many of us try to learn a new language, but most of us fail. Here are 3 tips to help anyone become a language expert.
Jpgwishtheydlearned 450x345
What crucial lessons would today's top writers and thinkers like to have learned way back in the day? Discover their answers and our brand new learning-for-life syllabus that covers everything from personal development and self-help to leadership and stats.
Boyz1024x500 450x345
Add these three uncommon aspects of better communication to your personal learning curriculum and see if you’re not a little happier.
Tiny sprouts growth 450x345
Do you have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset? People with growth mindsets believe in variability and change, which might be the key to success.
Blinkistmag david 450x345
Are there things that make certain people preternaturally more likely to be great athletes? The answer is surprising.
Athlete flow social 450x345
Some describe the experience of flow as spiritual, when the external world fades away and you and your craft become one.
Davidburkus 1024x500 450x345
David Burkus, author of The Myths of Creativity, shares new research on creativity, reveals the myths we all believe, and talks creative incubation.
Pagan kennedy eurekacast 450x345
Learn about serendipity, penicillin, and new technologies that can change the way that we invent things.
Img1 450x345
These three methods to help you to stimulate your creativity, break out of your normal thought patterns, and generate new ideas.
Greece athens 450x345
We’ve scoured our best titles on the history and nature of human innovation to to find out what factors make a hotbed of extreme genius.
First eureka 450x345
Eureka moments have been vital for human progress. This is the story of how an Ancient Greek Genius, Archimedes, had history's first Eureka moment.
John henry fuseli   the nightmare 450x345
Sleep paralysis occurs when you awaken to find that you cannot move or speak. This experience can be so terrifying that many deem it a visit from demons.
Daddy nap
How do new parents deal with sleep deprivation? Take a peek into the fascinating differences in sleep cultures from around the world.
History sleep enemies 450x345
It isn't just caffeine and racing thoughts keeping you up at night. Here are three stealthy sleep robbers you need to know about.
Da hi res stamped 450x345
Bestselling author, productivity guru, and all-round great guy David Allen talks about the secrets to and benefits of productivity.
Tips for successful meetings  450x345
Meetings suck—usually—but they don't have to! Follow these expert tips on how to maximize your meetings.
Creepy ai twins for the singularity by ray kurzweil 450x345
It’s the Rubicon which, once crossed, human affairs as we know them can no longer continue. It's The Singularity, when everything will change.
Apocalypse 1024 450x345
Extinction is inevitable, at least for homo sapiens, but it’s not going to happen from some extinction-level event like a comet.
What happens when were gone 450x345
What will happen to the subway? What animals will thrive when humans disappear from then earth? Find out here.
Pimpmybrain 1024x500 450x345
Theoretical physicist Michio Kaku holds that radically enhancing your brain through science isn’t so far off. Here are some likely augmentations.
Bitcoin piggy bank 450x345
You can’t hold it, you can’t smell it, and unfortunately, you can’t toss it into the air in handfuls, but Bitcoin is a type of currency.