N moneygrowing none 456x350
This year, hyper-famous life coach Tony Robbins released a book all about how to make the most of your money. Here are some key insights from Unshakeable that even cash-strapped Millennials will find useful.
Rising graph 456x350
Do you dream of achieving greatness in life, but think success is exclusively reserved for others? There’s plenty of prosperity to go around, and you can enjoy a surge of success by pushing past your limits.
N kaleidoscopemirror none 456x350
Get your way more often by acting on this advice from Pre-Suasion: A Revolutionary Way to Influence and Persuade
Ghengis khan small
Books come in all shapes and forms nowadays, but the Blinkist app takes it to the next level. With it, you can get the main takeaways of a book in 15 minutes.
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Sheryl Sandberg’s husband Dave passed away suddenly in 2015. In her new book, she talks about coming to terms with his death, nurturing her resilience, and how she managed to reclaim joy.
Image 4 therese reading at desk 450x345
As technological innovations make knowledge increasingly accessible, fewer people need to opt for expensive MBAs to learn what they need to excel.
N billgates1 none 456x350
Bill Gates just let Twitter in on his top pick for a graduation present: Steven Pinker’s 700-page masterpiece on the history of violence. Here, we cut through hundreds of pages to give you just what you need to know.
F asiangirlwhtetrain none 456x350 450x345
Here’s one thing that’s for sure: whether they’re in accounting or IT, people hate their commutes. Find out how to fix it.
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Doing your mind good, your body good, and doing social good, too. Learn why the Blinkist app is the UN’s top choice for best Learning & Education app this year.
Cover image team black and white 450x345
Two years ago we started a crazy experiment. Disappointed with traditional organizational structures we wanted to explore new systems.
456x350 450x345
Do you love books, but wish you could consume them more quickly? This full-time book-reading ninja has some tips to help you level up your reading game.
N venicesunset none 456x350 450x345
First as tragedy, then as farce... here are 3 important takeaways from days gone by that we need to remember today.
Niklas morning routine  450x345
Entrepreneur Niklas Jansen has a surprising morning routine that helps him to be more mindful and more productive throughout the day. Check it out here.
M dinosaurnotebook none 456x350 450x345
Some may view dyslexia as a roadblock, but for one of the world’s best-known billionaires, the learning disorder put him on the path to immense success.
F airplanewindow none 456x350 450x345
Dedicated immigrants have a long history of seizing exceptional opportunities and excelling in the world of work and business.
Focus saba 450x345
Women who shatter glass ceilings, break stereotypes and lead fearlessly have one thing in common: an unrelenting focus on following their dreams.
Love letter review from our user 450x345
We love all the mail that we receive from you, but this Valentine's day, we're crushing over our French user, Florent Thurin's kind & clever words. Florent, we love you, too.
Stop checking your emails now 456x350 450x345
Stop looking at your emails, now! Learn how to get your head out of your inbox and into your work today with this quick and easy tip.
How to deal with ingratitude 456x350 450x345
Feel taken for granted? Feel like no-one ever recognizes your efforts? Find out how to transform other people's ingratitude into a positive feeling.
Change you can believe in 456x350 450x345
How can you successfully hack your habits and alter your mindset to achieve real, measurable, consistent change? Read on to find out.
How to return a favor 456x350 450x345
Read on for a surefire tip on how to avoid getting swindled.
Work less 456x350 450x345
Working more than 40 hours a week can have a seriously negative impact on your productivity at work. Find out how to make some empowering changes today.
Lovers language 450x345
If you have no idea which language your lover speaks, you may be inadvertently communicating in a way that hurts rather than helps your relationship.
3techniquesthatwillincreaseyourintelligence3 1024x500 1 450x345
There are many common misconceptions about intelligence. Naturally, we tend to view it as fixed. However, there are more ways to boost your IQ than you think.
Artboard 1 450x345
Blinkist is management-free because we run on a system called Holacracy. Never heard of it before? It’s time! Switching to Holacracy transformed the way that Blinkist works.
Sunset summer golden hour paul filitchkin
There's a great power in never giving up. Here are 5 stories of famous celebrities who suffered massive failures before finding success.
Machines normal 450x345
Are you overworked, uninspired, and wrung dry? It's probably because your day at the office is better suited to a factory worker from the turn of the century! Learn how we got there and how to make your workday work for you.
Artboard 450x345
Germans have the most powerful economy in the EU, but they work fewer hours than nearly any other nation. It's not a mystery, and we'll tell you all about it.
Womansmile 450x345
Dale Carnegie, Marilyn Monroe, and Bill Clinton were not born with charisma, they earned it. Learn how you can win anyone over in five steps.
Guyatpier 450x345
Some of the world's highest achievers have one thing in common: it isn’t a high IQ, nor is it an incredible lucky streak, but their appreciation for reading. Books were their most profitable investment.
Smartest friends gifts
What do you gift the smartest person you know for Christmas? A hit of knowledge of course! Choose one of these apps for a gift that keeps on giving.
Slow 1024x500 450x345
In an age of Lean and MVPs, remember that nothing will sell better than a perfect product. This is a defense of going slow—and the books to back it up.
Magazine header discover bigger 450x345
Meet the new Blinkist -- inspired by a global community of readers and explorers. #AlwaysLearning
Donaldhillary 1024x500 450x345
Want to know how Trump and Clinton plan to woo you to their camps? Learn the promises behind the two candidates’ personal brands.
Fajitas marketing branding 450x345
Harness the power of sonic boom to boost your marketing efforts.
Nikerun 1024x500 450x345
We're all familiar with Nike's "Just Do It" battle cry but what does it mean? Where did it come from? Find the secret behind the "Just Do It" campaign.
Jason1024x500 450x345
What do a former professional Irish rugby player, an artist from Portland, Oregon and an entrepreneur from Jordan have in common? Find out here.
Langlearn redo 450x345
German, French or Japanese, many of us try to learn a new language, but most of us fail. Here are 3 tips to help anyone become a language expert.
Usain bolt jamaica olympic games success key 450x345
Usain Bolt, Yohan Blake, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, Jamaica has a knack of producing some of the greatest sprinters. What's their secret?
Greek hairstyles 450x345
Women competed in the Olympic Games well before 1900 and were winning as early as the 300s BCE.
Success grit stick with it triumph  450x345
When you want to succeed what should you rely on? Talent? Not really. Find out about the secret of grit.
Greece athens 450x345
We’ve scoured our best titles on the history and nature of human innovation to to find out what factors make a hotbed of extreme genius.
Main ideasdie 450x345
Getting great ideas? Easy. Following up on them is hard! Here are some tricks to make sure your great idea becomes a reality.
Daddy nap
How do new parents deal with sleep deprivation? Take a peek into the fascinating differences in sleep cultures from around the world.
Sleeping in office nap station on the job for productive workflow 450x345
Does a nap during the workday make you more productive? We set up a nap station to investigate the power of 40 winks.
History sleep enemies 450x345
It isn't just caffeine and racing thoughts keeping you up at night. Here are three stealthy sleep robbers you need to know about.
Cheers what germans teach about productivity 450x345
Everybody knows the stereotype: the hardworking German with laser focus who gets things done. But German productivity isn't fueled by what you think.
Sloth taking it easy
Procrastinating can be your most powerful ally when it comes to productivity. Here is the powerful neuroscience behind why.
Ride your elephant to success with chip and dan heath 450x345
The elephant is the part of us reluctant to accept change. The rider is our rational self. Here's how to be more productive by helping them work together.
Coolyoungcouple 450x345
Tinder, OkCupid, What we once thought was the utopian future of dating is actually wounding a critical human indicator for intimacy: the click.
Pimpmybrain 1024x500 450x345
Theoretical physicist Michio Kaku holds that radically enhancing your brain through science isn’t so far off. Here are some likely augmentations.
Have good conversations 450x345
You’d think that some workplaces are exempt from power struggles, personality clashes, and interpersonal drama
How to turn your worst personal trait 450x345
Anxious and angry? You’re hired. Though often perceived as weaknesses, a little bit of each can do your work good.
Shutterstock 339775121 450x345
Books: some of the world’s best discoveries are contained within them, and new ideas spark to life as we plumb their pages. Learn how to read them better.
From growth hacking to neuromarketing 5 must read books for the modern marketer 450x345
Have you ever wondered why some stores are so specifically and liberally scented that you can smell them 50 yards down the mall hall? How about why cereal companies put games and puzzles on the back of their boxes? Make…
The you you never knew 7 surprising things you didnt know about yourself 450x345
Here are 7 probably new-to-you truths about your mind, your body, and your habits that might be a total surprise.
Structuring creativity how to really get things done 450x345
Between attempting to balance career and personal life, you may not have the luxury of waiting for the muses to find you in a hotbed of chaos
Bad career habits holding you back at work1 450x345
Are you weighed down with bad habits and itching to put some good energy back in your work life?
Failure and vulnerability 450x345
To be flawed is to be human, and yet we try hard to cultivate an air of perfection lest people actually see our weak spots.
4 unconventional pieces of startup advice from peter thiel1 450x345
So: you have a great new idea and you’re on the verge of launching your own business?
The 10 commandments of marketing from seth godin 450x345
Seth Godin is a household name around the world
How to kill cravings and kick bad habits charles duhiggs no fail strategies 450x345
We all have habits we’d prefer we didn’t. But change is hard, especially when it’s rooted in routine
6 experts on what you need to know about body language at work 450x345
We’ve heard it a million times before: “90% of communication is nonverbal.”
The road less traveled by the book that helped sahil lavingia raise 1m in seed funding for gumroad 450x345
Sahil Lavingia was a freshman in college when he met Ben Silbermann, the founder of Pinterest, for coffee. They talked ideas after a USC football game and that same semester, Lavingia made the decision to drop out and join the…
The all time greatest book of our species everything you need to know about genome 450x345
Mark Zuckerberg’s 16th pick for his Year of Books is Matt Ridley’s Genome.
Thinking small with malcolm gladwell 450x345
Thinking big is oft touted as an asset, but what if the key to sustained success is actually focusing on the little things?
6 experts on how to beat procrastination and finally get to work 450x345
We all procrastinate. Like it or not, it’s a part of each of our lives—but it doesn’t have to be a central part
Peter thiels 3 weird secrets to winning the future 450x345
When PayPal met the world in 1999 it had stiff competition from Elon Musk’s
Zuckerbergs year of books in 5 minutes your crash course to the energy debate 450x345
Mark Zuckerberg’s 14th pick for his Year of Books is Vaclav Smil’s Energy—a beginner’s guide to what fuels us.
9 books to help you be healthier and happier a summer reading list 450x345
Take a minute in the summer sun to ask yourself: how am I, really?
Holacracyheader v1 700px 450x345
Have you heard of Holacracy? If you're interested in start-ups, there’s a pretty good chance you've encountered this management-free organisational structure.
Blinkist labs how not to write an email and 4 other non guides for better office productivity 450x345
From pens to snacks to the common cold, when you’re seated five feet away from your co-worker, sharing everything is a cinch
From growth hacking to neuromarketing 5 must read books for the modern marketer 450x345
We already know that things move fast, and thanks to social media and globalization, that’s particularly true in the marketing and advertising sphere
The 10 commandments of business from jim collins 450x345
Like losing those last ten pounds or shaving just a second from your best run time, going from good to great is a small move that makes a big difference
This is your brain on discounts the science of why were slaves to a sale 450x345
The French know a great deal about inciting desire, and that extends to consumer goods, too
5 lessons from great historical leaders that will change the way you lead 450x345
From a revolutionary who began life as a slave, to the hero who led South Africa out of apartheid: Learn from the past
The book that will help you understand americas race problem 5 things you need to know 450x345
Mark Zuckerberg’s 10th pick for his Year of Books is Michelle Alexander’s The New Jim Crow. This is the gut-churning story of mass incarcerations, legal systems for the right-color skin, and why America’s fight for Civil Rights is anything but over.
The lean analytics discipline of one metric that matters 450x345
Chances are, your business’ success can be reduced to a single metric.
What matters now 2 450x345
No, you don’t have to be jazzed about your job 100% of the time, and that might actually make you happier. Here are 4 reasons to love the job you’re with and be damn good at it, too.
Heres how disney is controlling your mind1 450x345
What does it take to be the Happiest Place on Earth?
Know your industry the father of the microchip1 450x345
50 years ago, a young chemist made a startling prediction about the future of electronics
The 4 types of buyers and how to completely captivate them 450x345
Do you have what it takes to sell to the fast-talkers, the deep-thinkers, and the guy with a million questions?
This guy thinks he has found the secret to optimizing your websites conversion rate1 450x345
In You Should Test That, Chris Goward describes six factors that together contribute to a websites ability—or failure—to convert
2 unusual secrets to happy customers and a healthy business1 450x345
Don’t be afraid to take action if a customer is holding you back
5 things you need to know about chinas rise to global superpowerdom1 450x345
Mark Zuckerberg’s 8th pick for his Year of Books is Henry Paulson’s Dealing with China
The laws of mutual attraction 2 ways to hire top talent without placing a single ad1 450x345
There’s a lot of impressive talent out there, but it takes an equally impressive company to reel it in
These 3 tricks can actually help you get smarter 450x345
What if all you had to do to become smarter was play a quirky little game, like Angry Birds? Or pick up an instrument? It may be no more complicated than that!
The 3 skills you need to lead organizational change1 450x345
What happens when a culture is wrong? What does it take to change it?
How do you sell 60 million pounds of fajitas a year 450x345
Joel Beckerman and Tyler Gray think sound is overlooked in the brand development process
Are you killing your customer base learn the cpr method for bringing it back to life1 450x345
Think you’re doing all you can do keep your customers loyal? Truth is, you probably aren’t.
How to make important decisions in bed1 450x345
When you have to make a complex decision, how do you go about it?
5 things you need to know from the book that could shape the future of facebook 450x345
Mark Zuckerberg’s 7th pick for his Year of Books is Michael Suk-Young Chwe’s Rational Ritual
7 key lessons from business adventures bill gatess favorite business book 450x345
Forty-three. It’s a little young for an American president and a bit old for a pop idol. As it turns out, however, it’s a great age for a business book.
Win over your new client 4 tricks from an ex fbi agent1 450x345
Forget the small talk and the storytelling. If you want to forge real friendships, you’ll have to put your listening skills to work. When speaking with someone else, always remember to use LOVE.
The stupid loop why your stupid idea could become the next big thing 450x345
Next time a friend labels your idea as stupid, don’t be so quick to listen!
Bring clarity to your business with one deceptively simple thought experiment make your mark 450x345
Jocelyn K. Glei shows how the question of purpose can be make-or-break for a new business
10 pieces of wisdom from the worlds best books on creativity1 450x345
It only takes a quick Google search to find enough listicles on creativity to keep you busy for the next three weeks
Your guide to delivering legendary service the icare model 450x345
Nowadays, if you don’t provide exceptional service then you can kiss business longevity goodbye.
Doping on the job the one chemical that can make you happier at work1 450x345
Here’s one sly way you can control your own hormones to feel happier on the daily.
Winning rhetoric how to speak productively in meetings 450x345
You want your meeting to run without a hitch. So how do you make it happen?
Read like zuck 6 groundbreaking ideas from the book that invented paradigm shift 450x345
Mark Zuckerberg’s 6th pick for his Year of Books is Thomas Kuhn’s The Structure of Scientific Revolutions
This is the one bad habit better than before1 450x345
Winter is almost over. How many of your resolutions did you keep?
3 sales tricks from improv theater 450x345
Here’s how you can use lessons from improv theatre to thrive in your new hybrid role
The innovative manager two qualities to look for in your next hire 450x345
Innovative business has no room for the overbearing leader!
6 astonishingly easy ways to be happier designed by experts1 450x345
Like the writers of the US Declaration of Independence, we believe that the pursuit of happiness is an unalienable right—and one that’ll improve your productivity, too. Here are the 6 best hacks from books on happiness that we’ve ever found.
Starbucks innovation caffeination and one mans stubborn road to success 450x345
How Starbucks owner Howard Schultz's stubbornness made the coffee giant into what it is today
Under pressure why aiming for excellence might not yield good results 450x345
If your team isn’t hitting the mark, it might be time to shift your focus
Zuckerbergs year of books in 5 minutes creativity inc 450x345
Insights from the Pixar & Disney Animation Studio president on managing a team of creative superstars
1356 450x345
It’s time to get those feelings under control. Here’s how understanding your fears can help to defuse them.
Pic 450x345
Mark Zuckerberg’s 4th pick for his Year of Books is Eula Biss’s On Immunity.
Dts2 450x345
Here’s how friendship in the workplace can boost productivity, and how you can help foster friendship in your team.
Founders 450x345
Learn about the Exponential Organization and how to turn yours into one.
How to stop procrastinating with one simple trick 450x345
Don’t you hate when you have so much work to do, you can’t figure out where to start?
Berlin wall financial crisis main image 450x345
The world economy remains the talking point to end all talking points, and there are as many answers to the question “what happened?”
The polaroid story 450x345
Ever wondered where the landmark invention of the polaroid came from? Read on to find out.
Tedx example sharing shine can competitive advantage 450x345
Time for your company to scrap secrecy, and get sharing. Bon Johannsen describes how TEDx gained competitive advantage through doing just this. “Keep your cards close to your chest.” You’ve heard the adage before, and it’s just as applicable…
Social circle favors 450x345
Being who you want to be might just boil down to the company you keep. Josh Kaufman tells us why you need good friends to see positive change. Let’s face it, we all have things we’d like to improve…
Amazon 6 pager writing still matters business 450x345
Numbers, data and bulletpoints are becoming the norm in the digital age, but here’s an argument for why you should still think of writing as the gold standard of communication
4 types of customers and how to win them over 450x345
Great marketing is multi-dimensional, just like human behavior
Secret financial freedom according billionaires 450x345
Navigating the investment waters can be tricky, but who’s better to give you advice than a bunch of billionaires?
Need 4 cores trust heres build 450x345
Before you start seducing a new client or winning a new team to your cause, you’ve got to make sure you’ve got one thing down: trust in yourself
Angels 450x345
Mark Zuckerberg’s latest pick for his Year of Books is Steven Pinker’s 700-page masterpiece on the history of violence. Here, we cut through hundreds of pages to give you just what you need to know – and what you need to…
Find dream job dont quit day job 450x345
Looking to seize your dream and make a radical employment change? Before you pull the plug on your current 9-5, here’s what you need to know
Clinton kennedys 3 secrets become charismatic 450x345
Some of history’s most influential people rose to power thanks to a lion’s share of personal charisma. Charisma can get you a better job, better health, and even help you earn more money. Here’s how you can get more.
Making ideas happen1 450x345
So many good ideas never make it into the real world, or even out of their creators’ heads. Here’s how to make sure yours actually happen
Charm school mbas dale carnegies techniques winning anyone1 450x345
It’s a fact: folks who are skilled at winning people over have an easier time making a difference
7 startling psychological experiments time 450x345
Human behavior is oft mysterious, but thanks to decades of experimental psychology, we know much more about it than before
4 dirty tricks win negotiation 450x345
Your crash course in the dark arts of getting your way
Principle richard wiseman shows faking actually helps make 450x345
Act happier and you’ll be it. Pretend you’re feeling brave and suddenly you are
Harmful thing youre even get bed 450x345
This seemingly innocent habit may well be wrecking your productivity, ruining your day, and even making you depressed
Every great leader study philosophy 450x345
In the boardroom, announcing your degree in philosophy is a lot like admitting to a history of animal cruelty in a therapist’s office: a sure sign of madness
Dont become psychopaths pawn 450x345
They’re cunning, they’re charismatic, and they make up a chilling percentage of management candidates
7 simple habits1 450x345
Now officially the second-wealthiest man in the world, check out Amazon-founder Jeff Bezo's 7 simple tips for success.
Build visionary company 450x345
Consider so-called visionary companies such as Walt Disney, Marriott Hotels, and Merck
Showing just isnt enough 450x345
If you’re like most people, you spend most of your waking hours at work
Make message pop 450x345
From the moment we wake up and connect to the internet or walk out onto the street, we’re bombarded with ads.
Vulnerability leadership 450x345
They say it’s lonely at the top. But why?
Lone wolves finish last 450x345
7 case studies that show how collaboration is the mother of invention
Googles 3 rules 450x345
Dream teams come in unexpected shades and flavors – often they’re made up of the oddballs, the bomb builders, the people with hobbies that are stranger than strange
Watched1 450x345
A little surveillance goes a long way in boosting productivity
New persuasion nudges1 450x345
We humans mean well, but our irrationality often gets the best of us
People hacks 7 useful truths mind missed psychology class 450x345
The longer you live, the more you realize that the difference between success and magnificent failure lies in how well you understand people
Benjamin franklin method success1 450x345
Boston, Massachusetts, around 1720. Young Benjamin Franklin sits stooped over his writing desk, working diligently on a letter to his friend
Make stick success 450x345
Why do so many great ideas wind up gathering dust in filing cabinets while rumors and urban legends spread like wildfire?
10000 genius number1 450x345
The thing about 10,000 hours is that it can sound totally untenable, but if you start soon, it’s possible to attain Level Genius at a vigorous, early age.
Comfy chair1 450x345
Placing your order at L.A.’s Sushi Sasabune doesn’t mean you’ll end up with a meal.
Touch customers try bml 450x345
On the quest for a sustainable business model the top priority is learning
Smarter 7 minutes1 450x345
Each year brings with it scores of new business books filled with secrets
Trying hard 2 450x345
How can you increase sales when the market for your product is down?
Assholes allowed1 450x345
Why a Zero Tolerance Asshole Policy is critical to organizational health
Tool kit stop list 450x345
We imagine that being efficient will take us closer to our goals. We measure efficiency through number of things done. Efficacy, however, is a different animal