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There's a reason that books like The Handmaid's Tale have made a resurgence lately. If you want to know your onions when it comes to gender discussions, here are some more books you should read!
N couplekissingintensely none 456x350
Let’s talk about sex, baby. Let’s talk about modern myths, lovin’ in the Internet age, and how understanding our primate cousins might be the key to good gettin’ down.
N malcolmgladwell none 456x350 450x345
There’s more to this world than meets the eye. Thanks to these insights, you can use the unseen to your advantage and realize your true potential.
M stevejobs none 456x350 1 450x345
Want to change the world? With these five books, you can follow in the footsteps of one of history’s most innovative businessmen.
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The mind works in mysterious ways. Unlock human behaviour with these 5 fascinating reads.
Flower hair small 450x345
If you constantly strive for self-improvement, here are 5 life-changing tips and one eye-opening app to help you reach your full potential in no time.
Happy woman no stress 450x345
If you’re bogged down by the pressures of life, the takeaways from these transformative books can alter your attitude toward stress and help you overcome anxiety for good.
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Want to play the stock market... and win? Check these 10 books to help you make the most of your money now.
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Now's the time to put your world into context. Here's what to read to broaden your perspectives and get up to speed on today's most critical topics.
Climate change 1200 x 630 450x345
It’s hard to ignore rising sea levels, melting glaciers, increasing snow storms, and droughts. Get the facts on climate change from these 7 books.
Get happier now 450x345
Happiness has powerful effects on our day-to-day lives. Happy people are more productive, more satisfied and they live longer.
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TED speaker & Behavioral Economist Dan Ariely's top books in psychology. Learn how to persuade people, strengthen your willpower, and how to find the meaning of life. (No, srsly.)
Topbooks2016 1024x500
Here's a list of the 10 titles that emerged as the most popular books in the Blinkist app in 2016!
Productivity 1024x500 450x345
These ten books, all of them invaluable allies in the eternal struggle against procrastination, cover all the bases.
Psychology 1024x5001 450x345
Discover 10 fascinating psychology books that reveal the mysteries of the human brain & the secrets to a great memory and genuine confidence.
Top 10 work leadership books small1
Whether you want to become a better boss or be the next Zuckerberg, these 10 reads will help you excel when it comes to work and leadership.
Leadership no copy 450x345
Whether you want to become a better boss or be the next Zuckerberg, these 10 reads will help you excel when it comes to work and leadership.
Top 10 health and fittness books 2016
Whatever wellbeing, diet, or fitness goals you set yourself for 2017, these 10 reads—the most popular on Blinkist this year—are sure to help you realize them.
Emily in the staff picks video 450x345
Tune in for a behind-the-scenes peek at the people who bring you Blinkist, as they share their favorite titles in the Blinkist library.
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Flow is the state of mind in which you can perform at an almost super-human level. Here are 5 pointers on harnessing its power!
Gettingthingsdone 1024x500 450x345
These five tips from productivity and efficiency experts will teach you how to weed out the non-essentials, get more done, and have more time to relax.
Nike what makes a good brand 450x345
How do world-class brands get to become so well-known and beloved? These books describe the histories of 7 companies, from Apple to LEGO.
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Designing your own learning experience has never been easier. Blinkist lists 7 services that are changing the game for lifelong learners everywhere.
Vishen lakhiani book list reading change perspective 450x345
Mindvalley Founder Vishen Lakhiani picks 8 books that help you hit the reset button and optimise key areas of your life and personal development.
Jpgwishtheydlearned 450x345
What crucial lessons would today's top writers and thinkers like to have learned way back in the day? Discover their answers and our brand new learning-for-life syllabus that covers everything from personal development and self-help to leadership and stats.
Harder better boost body  450x345
Check out these books to help reboost and revitalize your health and fitness regime for a fitter stronger body
Win gold at life 450x345
Ideas from these five pros will help you kick butt in the arenas of productivity, happiness, financial savviness, and more.
Lead image athlete mindset 450x345
Reach your goals and get things done with these 7 invaluable tips.
Breakthrough ideas 450x345
These 7 books on creativity and sparking original thinking can help you tap into your most generative side and give you more great ideas than ever.
Changeyourlife header copy 450x345
Spend more time on yourself by reading these great books.
Header evening routines 1024x500 450x345
What we do before we go to sleep can impact our productivity and happiness. Here are 5 evening routines that will help you sleep better and wake up happier.
Tried and tested productivity link 450x345
Kanban, Eat that Frog, The Pomodoro Technique... the list goes on. Which work best?
Tips for successful meetings  450x345
Meetings suck—usually—but they don't have to! Follow these expert tips on how to maximize your meetings.
Bitcoin piggy bank 450x345
You can’t hold it, you can’t smell it, and unfortunately, you can’t toss it into the air in handfuls, but Bitcoin is a type of currency.
We welcome our robot overlords 5 books for a very sci fi future 450x345
The future of space exploration and artificial intelligence is omnipresent in series and film, and it can all seem quite far removed from reality. But think again: today, we unearth five books that offer the science behind mind-boggling concepts from your favorite science fiction—and show why they’re not quite as far off as we think.
M stevejobs none 456x350 450x345
Want to change the world? With these five books, you can follow in the footsteps of one of history’s most innovative businessmen.
How to be a grown up 7 things no one ever told you 450x345
Thresholds. Sometimes we’re carried over. Sometimes we hesitate just outside. Sometimes we’re pushed through by circumstance or happenstance or others’ whims
Career success small 450x345
Whether you’ve been on the job for decades or are preparing for your first day at work, these powerful tips offer proven shortcuts to professional success.
30 years of business books in 7 minutes or fewer 450x345
A year passes. Daylight savings time takes us by surprise yet again. Another tree falls in the forest. And a couple dozen more business books hit the shelves
Habits productive freelancers 450x345
One of the prime benefits of freelancerdom is the independence
What entrepreneurs do differently from everybody else1 450x345
Becoming an entrepreneur seems like it would be pretty simple. Not easy, but simple enough, right?
6 unconventional business books that will change your perspective 450x345
Sometimes it seems like dozens of new business advice books are published every month. And to what end? Aren’t most of them just about the same?
Heres what every book in mark zuckerbergs year in books is about 450x345
To kick off 2015, Mark Zuckerberg started a follow-along reading challenge he christened A Year of Books
Gifts for secret santa 450x345
Ah, the holiday season. These days may be merry and bright, but they’re also likely to be equally hectic, too.
The top 10 books youve always wanted to read but never have1 450x345
How many books have you carted on vacation only to leave them untouched at the bottom of your suitcase?
7 simple hacks to save time do more and work less 450x345
Since 1745 when Benjamin Franklin coined the phrase “time is money,” these three words have become an indelibly popular mantra
13 best books for business leaders a bakers dozen from amazons ultimate list 450x345
Do a quick search for the best business books and you’ll be overwhelmed with a spread of dozens of titles
10 books that will change how you think forever1 450x345
These 10 books will change how you see the world, your work, the people around you, and yourself.
Derek sivers entrepreneurs 450x345
This list was hand-picked by one of our favorite authors: entrepreneur and frequent TED speaker, Derek Sivers
Mentors 101 finding maintaining outmatching mentor 450x345
Caravaggio studied under Titian, Donald Trump learned from his dad, and Audrey Hepburn had Marie Rambert. Budding talents, whether they’re artisans or entrepreneurs, learn their trade through apprenticeship.
Ben horowitzs top 5 books 450x345
If you’ve been on the internet at all in the last decade, chances are you’ve heard his name and maybe even read some of his writing