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VIDEO: How To Be More Mindful (Part 1)

You don’t have to be a monk or a yogi to be mindful. Here’s the first in a series of videos that explains a simple way to give your mind a little breathing space.
by Carrie M. King | May 30 2017

In an increasingly erratic world, it’s not surprising that mindfulness has become more than a little trendy. Our waking (and sometimes sleeping) hours are bombarded by distractions, notifications, and plenty of mental noise. Our work and personal lives bleed into one another and no one seems to have time anymore to just be.

Still, while the idea of mindfulness appeals to people, it can feel like just another chore on top of your teetering to-do pile. But that’s the beauty of it: you don’t need to take time out of your life to be mindful. You don’t need to sequester yourself away by a quietly babbling brook to feel connected to the world. To show you what we mean, we’ve put together a series of short videos with the best meditation-free mindfulness tips to help you find your chill in your day-to-day.

Tip the first: Observe your thoughts

If your thoughts are dragging you down, distracting you, or otherwise affecting your zen, take a moment to just recognize them for what they are: creations of your own mind. They may be floating around in your head, but you’re not obliged to engage with them or let them weigh you down. Let your thoughts sail past you, notice that they are just thoughts which come from you, and then choose to let them be. By observing the presence of your thoughts in a judgement-free way you get to control how you react to them.

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