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The Twists and Turns of Verity: A Blinkist Book Summary

Intrigued by Colleen Hoover's 'Verity'? Dive into our insightful book summary that cuts to the heart of this gripping thriller. Discover surprising twists and turns, and don't worry – we'll alert you before any spoilers!
by Chris Allmer | Dec 6 2023

Get ready for a story that’s going to twist your mind in the best possible way. We’re talking about Verity by Colleen Hoover, and trust me, it’s not your average novel.

This book is like a ticket into a world filled with secrets, lies, and surprises that will keep you guessing until the very end.

But “Verity” isn’t just about the thrills, though; it’s a complex tapestry of human emotions, a game of cat and mouse where nothing is as it seems. In this verity book summary, you will join us on a  journey through a labyrinth of deception, where every character is shrouded in mystery, and every turn brings a new shock.

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Who is Collen Hover?

Let’s chat about the mastermind behind this incredible book: Colleen Hoover. She’s not just any author; she’s a literary force to be reckoned with. In this book review of Verity, you will get to know her and learn how Colleen has a knack for creating stories that resonate deeply with readers—stories that are not just read but felt.

From her early days as a novice writer to becoming a beloved name in contemporary fiction, Colleen’s journey is as inspiring as her novels. Her characters are multifaceted, often flawed yet relatable, making you invest in their journeys wholeheartedly. Beyond her writing, Colleen is known for her philanthropy.

She founded The Bookworm Box, a non-profit bookstore and subscription service, which reflects her passion for books and her commitment to giving back to the community. Colleen is more than an author; she’s a storyteller who leaves an indelible mark on her readers’ hearts.

And with ‘Verity’, she invites us into a world that’s thrilling, haunting, and utterly unforgettable.

The Verity Book Review — Get Ready for The Thrill

Struggling writer Lowen Ashleigh steps off the curb onto a bustling Manhattan street just as a truck smashes into a pedestrian right in front of her. The day, which had begun with a glimmer of hope as she headed to a surprise meeting with a publisher, suddenly takes a grim turn.

Reeling emotionally from her mother’s recent death and seeking a much-needed change from her modest success as a writer, Lowen finds herself in a state of shock. Now drenched in the victim’s blood, Lowen is ushered to a nearby coffee shop by a kind and handsome stranger named Jeremy Crawford.

In a twist of fate, Jeremy soon offers her a chance to finish his ex-wife Verity’s book series following a horrific car accident that left Verity in a paralyzed state.

Read the first chapter of our Verity book summary for free before diving into the spoilers.

As Lowen delves into Verity’s manuscript, she is confronted with the author’s traumatic experiences and dark secrets. These include the loss of her children, a harrowing confession of murder, difficulty connecting with her offspring, an obsessive fixation on her husband, and other disturbing revelations. 

These revelations take a sinister turn when Lowen starts to experience unexplainable hauntings in the Crawford household. She begins to suspect that the now-paralyzed Verity might be more aware and involved than she appears.

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The novel’s ending has stirred such a profound variety of reader reactions that it led to the publication of a brand-new edition — one that includes a bonus chapter, fueling the intense debate between “Team Manuscript” and “Team Letter” (You’ll understand this one, after enjoying our book summary).

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Thrilling Reads at Blinkist

While “Verity” by Colleen Hoover is a must-read for thriller enthusiasts, Blinkist doesn’t stop at Colleen Hoover book reviews. Known as the go-to source for non-fiction book summaries, Blinkist also embraces thrilling narratives in fiction and other psychological thriller book analyses.

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Set against the backdrop of Boston’s tumultuous busing crisis in 1974, “Small Mercies” is a gripping thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The story revolves around a single mother from South Boston whose life turns upside down when her daughter goes missing on the same night a Black man is found dead under mysterious circumstances. 

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And all of these thrilling reads and even more await you on Blinkist, where you can dive into the summaries of captivating stories like Verity and others. Whether you’re a fan of psychological thrillers, intense dramas, or dystopian narratives, Blinkist has something that will stir your imagination and keep you coming back for more.

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