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Vanessa Bryant’s Net Worth: A Close Look At The Financial Sphere Of Kobe Bryant’s Widow

An in-depth look into Vanessa Bryant's estimated net worth and financial journey, the impact of Kobe Bryant's passing on the family fortune, and how Vanessa is channeling her funds for philanthropy, all while continuing to uphold the legacy of the NBA icon.
by Rob Gillham | Nov 27 2023
Credits: Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

One name that has been under the spotlight after the tragic demise of the NBA behemoth Kobe Bryant is Vanessa Bryant (41 years old), his widow. In this article, we’ll deep-dive into Vanessa Bryant’s net worth, her current endeavors, and the financial updates of the Bryant family. If you’ve been curious about these subjects, look no further.

Behind Vanessa Bryant’s $600 Million Net Worth 

Vanessa Bryant, wife of the late NBA superstar Kobe Bryant, is renowned as a dedicated philanthropist with a net worth estimated at $600 million. Vanessa, together with Kobe, established their foundation in 2007, aimed at granting scholarships to underprivileged college students worldwide. Today, she spearheads the Mamba and Mambacita Sports Foundation while also serving as both president and CEO of Granity Studios. 

Vanessa’s life was instantly transformed when she met Kobe while working as a background dancer on a music video set; she was just 17, and Kobe, 21, was crafting his debut music album. An engagement blossomed within six months of their first encounter.

Despite Kobe’s parents, agent, and siblings disapproving due to Vanessa’s young age and consequently not attending, the couple wed on April 18, 2001, at St. Edward the Confessor Catholic Church, Dana Point, California.

Their strained relationship thawed when Vanessa gave birth to their first daughter in 2003. The couple was blessed with four daughters over their lifetime.

In December 2011, cracks surfaced in their union when Vanessa sought divorce citing irreconcilable differences. Fascinatingly, the petition came a few months after their tenth wedding anniversary, significant considering California law’s stipulation for indefinite spousal support for marriages exceeding a decade.

By then, Kobe’s wealth was valued at $200 million, and contract extensions worth millions were in the pipeline. The absence of a pre-nup made the situation much more complex. However, two years on, the couple reconciled and retracted the divorce.

Unfortunately, on January 26, 2020, Vanessa was widowed, and the world lost an NBA Icon when Kobe Bryant and one of their daughters perished tragically in a helicopter crash. Kobe was only 41.

The Bryant Family’s Net Worth

Before his untimely death, Kobe Bryant had a net worth of $600 million, earned during his impressive career as an NBA player, brand ambassador, and business entrepreneur. After his death, the entire wealth was inherited by his family, thus making Vanessa Bryant’s net worth equal to Kobe’s own net worth.

Vanessa Bryant’s Today: Philanthropist and Mother

After receiving the immense wealth, Vanessa has shown commendable sensibility and ethics. She has continued the philanthropic activities that Kobe Bryant started, by contributing to various charitable organizations and providing scholarships for deserving students through the Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Family Foundation (KVBFF).

Vanessa Bryant’s Wrongful Death Lawsuits

After the unfortunate passing of NBA icon Kobe Bryant, Vanessa Bryant embarked on a legal battle. She filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Island Express, the helicopter company responsible for Kobe’s last flight.

The lawsuit implicates both the company and the late pilot, Ara Zobayan, who was also killed in the crash. Vanessa alleges that Island Express operated disregarding safety regulations, resulting in the tragic loss of her husband and 13-year-old daughter, Gianna.

In her lawsuit, Vanessa argued that the helicopter should never have been allowed to fly under such foggy conditions that fateful morning. She further asserted that pilot Ara Zobayan failed in his duty to abort the flight when he saw the risky weather conditions, thus not prioritizing the passengers’ safety.

Additionally, Vanessa filed a lawsuit against the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department following the heartbreaking revelation that first responders had allegedly shared unauthorized and horrific photos of the crash site, adding to the emotional distress. The disclosures were in clear breach of their duty to maintain the dignity and privacy of all those involved in the tragic incident.

The lawsuit chastised the Sheriff’s Department for not having adequate policies in place to prevent such situations. Vanessa seeks damages for negligence, invasion of privacy, and intentional infliction of emotional distress from this lawsuit.

Vanessa Bryant, despite the tragic loss of her husband, has shown commendable strength and resilience. Wading through the storm, she has managed to keep Kobe’s legacy alive, alongside securing the financial future of the Bryant family.

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