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The Future Is Here: Upload 2,000+ Books To Your Brain With This App

Plugging into the Matrix may be the stuff of ‘90s sci-fi, but happily there’s a better — and significantly less creepy — way to fill your head with knowledge.
by Carrie M. King | May 19 2017

When Neo plugged into the Matrix in 1999, audiences were simultaneously horrified and enthralled. Sure, he was in a bleak dystopian future, but wouldn’t it be amazing to just upload knowledge into your noggin like that?

Almost two decades on, while we’re (probably) not living in a simulated reality, we do have an immense amount of information at our fingertips. The problem now isn’t in finding the material, but instead in gleaning real facts from the deluge.

The Blinkist app provides clarity in an overloaded world by giving you the key ideas from the best nonfiction books in 15 minutes or fewer. It really is like uploading knowledge directly into your brain. And we’re not the only ones who think so!

Each title in the Blinkist library is translated by a team of experts into a short series of easy-to-understand key insights that you can read or listen to whenever it suits you best. And the best part? You don’t have to plug it into the back of your head or live in a shady underworld to access it. Score!

How does Blinkist make it easy to upload knowledge into your brain?

You can learn the way your brain wants to

Blinkist distills the key insights from over 2,000 books into 10 – 12 easy-to-read flashcard style pages known as blinks. These books-in-blinks focus only on the big ideas, making it easier for you to absorb the crucial information. Better yet, our content is scientifically formulated with brain-based learning to be memorable and clear. This also means that it’s easy to learn wherever, whenever you have a moment—just pick up where you left off! Even Blinkist’s in-app reader was designed to be easy on the eyes and pleasing to the brain. By keeping your brain happy, Blinkist makes it easier for you to retain what you read.

You can listen on-the-go

Learn faster with audio

Many of us learn best through listening. If, like many of the Blinkist team, you’re a bit of a podcast junkie, chances are you do, too. All our books-in-blinks are narrated by real people from around the world, specially trained to deliver an intimate audio experience. If you have neither the time nor the inclination to read for 15 minutes, you can listen at any time, wherever you are or wherever you’re going — in the car, on a run, to the supermarket, or into the Matrix. You know — the usual.

You get book recommendations tailored to your taste

Read what matters to you

When it comes to learning something new, sometimes the hardest thing can be knowing where to start. Blinkist makes finding great brain-food completely hassle-free. The more you read, the more the Blinkist app learns your tastes and can tailor recommendations based on what you like to learn. So, all you have to do to keep getting the best recommendations is to keep reading. Books-in-blinks that you’ll love will come straight to you!

You can discover new ideas effortlessly

If you’re interested in taking a deep-dive into a particular topic, the Blinkist app provides expert-curated booklists that’ll furnish you with a great overview of whatever topic you choose. The Blinkist app also lets you know which books are trending so you’re always up-to-date on hot-button issues. Never miss out on what really matters, and get ready to school all those around you on exactly what’s going down.

You can read new books-in-blinks every week

New books every week

There are already over 2,000 books on Blinkist, with several new titles being added every week. Our team of content experts are constantly on the lookout for new (and old) books that represent the cream of the nonfiction crop. Each book is hand-selected and transformed into smart, useful summaries of insights. So, even if you become a Blinkist super-fan and blitz through every book-in-blinks in our library, there will be a constant stream of new content for you to choose from. Uploading knowledge directly to your brain has never been easier!

Books are the gatekeepers of all the world’s best ideas
. While there’s no substitute for the pleasure of sitting down with a great book, our busy lives make it hard to find the time to read one, let alone several. With Blinkist, you can take in the key insights from groundbreaking books in minutes, whenever and wherever it suits you. You save time but never at the expense of knowledge. So, if you’re a knowledge-addict with a need to be in-the-know, why not try out Blinkist and get access to the key insights from over 2,000 of the world’s bestselling nonfiction books. Follow the white rabbit and download the app now!

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