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Trevor Noah’s Father: Meet Robert Noah and Learn a Tale of Reconnection and Love

Explore the story of Robert Noah, Trevor Noah's father, as he defied apartheid, embraced fatherhood, and reunited with his son.
by Robyn Kerkhof | Aug 17 2023
Credits: Rich Fury/Getty Images

Robert Noah, the father of renowned comedian and television host Trevor Noah, has a captivating story that encompasses love, courage, and the complexities of life during South Africa’s apartheid era. While Robert’s social media presence is nearly non-existent, his journey and relationship with Trevor are worth delving into.

From Switzerland to South Africa 

Robert Noah, 69, born on February 4, 1954, is the biological father of the renowned comedian and television host, Trevor Noah. Hailing from Europe with a Swiss-German nationality and white ethnicity, Robert ventured to South Africa during the 1980s, a period marked by the height of apartheid’s oppressive rule. Despite the challenges of the time, Robert’s story is one of love, resilience, and the power of family connections.

Robert Noah’s Profound Hatred for Apartheid

Apartheid was a dark and oppressive era in South Africa’s history, characterized by institutionalized racial segregation and discrimination. During this troubling period, Robert Noah, though originally from a different continent, stood firmly against the apartheid regime.

He empathized deeply with the struggles endured by black South Africans and actively engaged in various activities to support them. Robert’s compassion and sense of justice compelled him to challenge the unjust laws that perpetuated racial divisions, even at great personal risk.

The Serendipitous Meeting of Trevor Noah’s Parents

In the bustling city of Johannesburg, fate brought together Trevor Noah’s parents, Robert and Patricia, in a moment that would shape their lives forever. Robert, an accomplished chef with reputable restaurants in New York, Canada, and Johannesburg, was already well-known for his culinary prowess.

However, his establishment offered much more than just delectable dishes; it provided a sanctuary where South Africans of all races could come together, defying the societal norms of segregation and division that defined the era.

Robert’s restaurant was not merely a place to savor exquisite flavors; it was a testament to the power of unity and integration. During a time when apartheid reigned and racial tensions were high.

By employing black South Africans as members of his kitchen and fostering an environment that encouraged mingling between black and white patrons, Robert Noah’s restaurant challenged the oppressive status quo and offered a glimpse of a more harmonious and equitable future. Little did he know that this very restaurant would become the starting point of a profound love story that would lead to the birth of one of the world’s most celebrated comedians, Trevor Noah.

The Birth of Trevor Noah and the Challenges of Interracial Relationships

Patricia and Robert kept their relationship private due to the forbidden and illegal nature of interracial relationships in that era. When Trevor was born in 1984, his mother had to conceal Robert’s identity to avoid severe consequences. Despite initial reluctance, Robert later embraced fatherhood and sought to co-parent Trevor despite the social and legal obstacles.

Trevor Noah and His Father Reunited 

As Trevor grew older, he lost touch with his father, which left him with mixed feelings. While he loved his father, his absence during his teenage years fueled some resentment.

However, with his mother’s encouragement, Trevor eventually reconnected with Robert in Cape Town, and they have since rebuilt their relationship.

The Present and Beyond

Robert Noah remains a private individual, eschewing social media and keeping his personal life confidential. However, his love for Trevor and their renewed bond stand as a testament to the enduring power of family ties.

Trevor Noah’s Touching Story in “Born a Crime”

In Trevor Noah’s autobiography, “Born a Crime,” he shares a poignant account of his upbringing under apartheid rule, shedding light on his relationship with his father and the challenges they faced. To explore this heartwarming story further, you can read “Born a Crime” on Blinkist, where Trevor’s journey is expertly summarized.

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In conclusion, Robert Noah’s life journey is an inspiring tale of overcoming adversity, embracing love, and rekindling family connections. Despite the challenges thrown their way, Trevor Noah and his father have found common ground, showing that the bonds of love can triumph over time and distance.

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