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10 Books You Need for Rebooting Your Health & Fitness in 2017

Whatever wellbeing, diet, or fitness goals you set yourself for 2017, these 10 reads—the most popular on Blinkist this year—are sure to help you realize them.
by Tom Anderson | Dec 15 2016

2016 is winding down and we’re already looking toward the new year. Many of us like to kick it off by devising a hardcore fitness and healthy eating plan, telling ourselves that this time, we’ll stick with those good intentions ‘til the bitter end. All too often, however, February rolls around and we haven’t signed up for the gym, we’ve meditated half-heartedly once, and we’re still shoving takeout boxes deeper into the trash in shame.

But with the right resources, this year can be a totally different story.

Whatever wellbeing, diet, or fitness goals you set yourself for 2017, these 10 reads—the most popular on Blinkist this year—are sure to help you realize them.

1. Eat, Move, Sleep: How Small Choices Lead to Big Changes by Tom Rath

Being healthier needn’t mean revolutionizing your whole way of life. On the contrary, little changes can go a very long way. By making small but important adjustments to your eating, fitness and sleeping habits, you’ll be able to lead a healthier and more prosperous life without having to reinvent yourself entirely—it’s easier than you think and Eat, Move, Sleep will show you how!


2. The Secret Life of Sleep: An exploration of what happens after we close our eyes by Kat Duff

Isn’t sleep the greatest thing ever? It gives you renewed physical energy, it rejuvenates your mind, it makes you happier, and it just feels so darn good. In The Secret Life of Sleep, Kat Duff examines why sleep is so fantastic, helping you understand how and why it works so that you get the most out of each and every night.


3. The Sleep Revolution: Transforming Your Life One Night At A Time, Arianna Huffington

Most of us will be familiar with this vicious cycle: you don’t get enough sleep, so you’re not as efficient and must work longer hours, which in turn results in even less sleep – lather, rinse, repeat. And yet, it’s impossible to overstate how important sleep is to our productivity and well-being. The Sleep Revolution will help you break out of the cycle so that you can face the world well-rested each morning.


4. The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success: A Pocketbook Guide to Fulfilling Your Dreams, Deepak Chopra

Whether it’s at home, in the workplace, or anywhere else, your quest for success shouldn’t be separated from spirituality. Success is in large part a state of mind, so it follows that a spiritual approach will also result in greater prosperity. The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success teaches you how to learn deeper truths about yourself and how to connect with those around you on a more fundamental level as a way of achieving your personal dreams.


5. 30 Ways to Reboot Your Body: A Complete User Manual for Getting the Most Out of the Human Body, Ben Greenfield

Being physically fit is actually a lot easier than most people think. But by letting ourselves go, we make it more difficult to get back in shape. It’s time to reboot our bodies! With the 30 techniques outlined in this book, you’ll be able to efficiently enhance your health and performance, turning previously unimaginable goals into an easily attainable reality.


6. Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth

Don’t give up is easier said than done, right? Not necessarily. By fundamentally changing the way we perceive our goals and our abilities to reach them, it becomes a lot easier to persevere in pursuing our dreams. It turns out that in life, effort is more important than talent, and Grit will help you find the motivation to keep at it even when the going gets tough.


7. The Practicing Mind: Developing Focus and Discipline in Your Life by Thomas M. Sterner

Anxiety can be our biggest enemy when we’re working towards our goals. We want to be great achievers, yet sometimes our fear of not meeting our own high expectations can be so strong, we cripple ourselves along the way. As outlined in The Practicing Mind, however, a more levelled and in-the-now approach to work is all it takes to overcome our own minds.


8. The Vitamin Solution: Two Doctors Clear the Confusion about Vitamins and Your Health by Dr. Romy Block / Dr. Arielle Levitan

Our moms were giving us excellent advice when they told us to take our vitamins. However, it’s not enough to just have plenty of vitamins in your diet—you also have to make sure to get the right vitamins, which varies from person to person. Rather than just buy a lot of vitamin supplements at random, you should read The Vitamin Solution and find out which ones are right for you and why.


9. Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude: Discover the Secret of Making Your Dreams Come True by Napoleon Hill

What is the secret to success? In order to answer this age-old question, Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude compiles the findings from interviews with hundreds of famous and successful people, offering a theory of success based on empirical evidence. Napoleon Hill’s book first debuted in 1960 and to this day remains one of the most read and trusted manuals for success ever published.


10. Meditations by Marcus Aurelius

The emperor Marcus Aurelius wasn’t just one of the Roman Empire’s greatest leaders. He was also a talented philosopher who used theory to inform his governance. Meditations offers some of the most influential insights on finding one’s place in the world and leadership.

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