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What is Personal Branding? Learn These 3 Core Elements

Branding isn’t just for businesses! We can all create brands ourselves. Get these 3 elements of personal brand right and you’ll stand out from the crowd.
by Tom Anderson | Oct 10 2016

Brand yourself!

Some of the world’s most successful companies have assumed their prominent positions on the strength of their brands. Think of Adidas or Apple, who are just as popular for their brand image as they are for their products. But it isn’t just companies who can make it to the top by dint of a sparkling brand—people can develop their own personal brands. But what, you ask, is a personal brand? Keith Ferrazzi outlines the three main pillars in his book Never Eat Alone.

The first element of a personal brand is a personal branding message: a two-sentence phrase that encapsulates an individual’s strongest points. One finds this by asking: what is it about me that makes me stand out? and What do I want people to associate my name with?

The next element centers on packaging: the visible aspect of a person’s brand. This includes everything available to the public eye, from haircuts to clothes and conversational style.

Finally, a strong personal brand needs to be seen in the world. It’s through mindfully participating in activities that match one’s brand, such as volunteering for charitable projects, or doing high-profile tasks in the workplace, that a personal brand gets noticed.

Read more on identifying, crafting, and promoting your personal brand in Keith Ferrazzi’s Never Eat Alone</>.

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