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The Laws Of Mutual Attraction: 2 Ways To Hire Top Talent Without Placing A Single Ad

There’s a lot of impressive talent out there, but it takes an equally impressive company to reel it in
by Sarah Moriarty | Apr 30 2015
Traditional recruiting probably won’t earn you the cream of the workforce crop. Here’s what will.


When you think of job recruiting, what comes to mind? Maybe a lackluster advertisement you find on all the big-name job listing sites, filled with skills jargon and exaggerations about the company’s badass culture. Or maybe you think of headhunters and HR reps sitting in front of computers and combing through LinkedIn profiles. Whatever the image, it’s probably not very exciting. Recruiting, in the traditional sense, doesn’t leave much room for fun.

But what if you could easily hire top talent without focusing much on the process? Actually, with a little energy redirecting, you can. Instead of continuously dropping the big bucks for ad placements, there’s a better way to ensure that skilled workers will be interested in working for you.

In Talent Magnetism, Roberta Chinsky Matuson reveals the secrets of hiring top talent in the tech age. She explains how nowadays, young people are seduced less by an attractive salary than by amazing company culture and opportunities to grow. So here’s the bottom line for modern-day hiring:

In its traditional sense, recruiting is only half the hiring picture. To snag top talent, you need to create a mutual attraction by making your company a better catch. Be irresistible.

You can start using the law of mutual attraction right away by following these two guidelines.

1. Reward and recognize your employees

Happy employees speak highly of your company, and in today’s tech climate, word gets around fast. So whether or not your company has room in the budget for employee rewards, it’s important that you recognize great work when it happens.

For example, LinkedIn’s CEO gifted all its employees iPad Minis. It didn’t take long for employees to gush about their new gifts all over Facebook and Twitter, attracting positive attention for the company.

If you can’t afford to hand out mini computers to your whole office, don’t fret. Try giving your team a few hours off work to show how much you appreciate them. Concert tickets work well, too. Even a modest offering can go a long way in honoring your workforce and attracting others who want to be a part of it.

2. Stand out from other companies

Why do you think Apple attracts top talent from all over the world? You’ll find the answer next time you walk past an Apple store. Look inside to find a space filled with buzzing energy, smiling employees, and curious customers. This is what’s known as a magnetic organization.

Apple goes off the beaten path—and above and beyond it—to satisfy its employees, which motivates them to do their best work. This good work spreads to the customers, who then speak highly of the company. Voilà, that’s a recipe for one highly appealing organization.

To stand out from the pack, spend time aiming for this domino effect of employee-customer satisfaction. It’ll be more worthwhile in the long run than spending 30% of your annual revenue on recruitment strategies and events.

Read more about hiring in the tech age by diving into Talent Magnetism by Roberta Chinsky Matuson. You can also get the most important information by reading the summary in blinks!

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