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The 4 Types of Buyers And How To Completely Captivate Them

Do you have what it takes to sell to the fast-talkers, the deep-thinkers, and the guy with a million questions?
by Tom Anderson | May 6 2015

Prepare yourself for any sale with this mini guide to buyer personality types.


Think back to a time when you were buying something and felt unsure about the seller’s integrity. Maybe you were uncomfortable with the way they spoke to you, or you didn’t feel armed with enough information to hand over your money on the spot. The seller just wasn’t speaking your language.

In Conversations That Sell, Nancy Bleeke explains that when sellers understand the personality types of their buyers, they’re more likely to clinch the sale. So, study up on these four common buyer personality types so you can offer each of them the conversation they’re looking for. Most everyone you’ll encounter falls into one or two or these categories!

The Achiever

Always on the move and highly motivated, Achievers want to get things done, pronto. They tend to be impatient, fast-talkers who give short timelines and enjoy acknowledgement for their achievements.

Their working style: They will only stop to listen if you can spell out some real benefits.

How to make the sale: Focus on the big picture without the nitty gritty details. Never waste their time or doubt their power, otherwise you’ll lose their respect. Achievers appreciate a seller who is prepared, offers something new and exciting, and can communicate effectively.

The Commander

Commanders love to be in control of situations. They are natural planners and organizers who tend to be practical, analytical, and somewhat conservative in their approach to business.

Their working style: When it comes to making decisions, the Commander relies on focused information and clear proof.
How to make the sale: Don’t waste time with small talk, and instead provide hard data to back up your claims. You might also succeed with a more formal language and tone. Because Commanders hate to be wrong and tend to shy away from emotion-based judgments, make sure you focus on the accuracy of the sale process.

The Reflector

Reflectors tend to be patient, friendly, and driven by emotions. They observe situations before acting on them, and may come across as reserved.

Their working style: They love teamwork and focus on each step of the process. Standing out in a group isn’t important to the Reflector; instead, they would rather focus on asking questions so everyone is on the same page moving forward.
How to make the sale: Reflectors don’t like change, and they don’t like to be wrong! So, it’s important that they receive plenty of details to make their decision as easy as possible. Ask them for their opinion directly, because they might fear offering it voluntarily.

The Expressor

Expressors are the open-minded, big picture thinkers. They love small talk and are usually observant of a situation’s impact on others.

Their working style: Expressors love talking to other members of the team and trying out new things.
How to make the sale: Because Expressors love building relationships with sellers, you should give them plenty of attention and ask for their opinions and direction.

Find more tips in Conversations That Sell by Nancy Bleeke, or get the best insights in a 16-minute summary on Blinkist.

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