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Relationship With a Co-Worker: The Essential Tips for 2022

Here are the unwritten rules to follow and potential problems to avoid when pursuing a relationship with a co-worker.
by Rob Gillham | Sep 16 2022

The average person spends nearly one hundred thousand hours at work over their lifetime, so it’s fair to say we spend more time with our colleagues than with our friends and family. As a result, our personal and professional lives tend to become entwined quite easily. However, workplace relationships can be detrimental to your career as well as helpful in easing the daily grind.

Workplace romances can lead to long-term relationships and even lasting partnerships, but they can also result in uncomfortable situations for those involved and their colleagues. Those who combine business and pleasure may be unintentionally fired or forced to resign due to a failed relationship in the worst-case scenario. 

It is true; however, that office romances do occur. People often develop crushes or fall in love at work, given how much time they spend there. Here are some essential relationship with a co-worker tips to follow in 2022.

Relationship With a Co-Worker Essential Tips

1. Check Your Employer’s Policies 

Take a look at the company’s dating policies before beginning a relationship with a colleague (or as soon as possible after it begins). There are many companies, large and small, that prohibit co-workers from developing romantic relationships. When it’s against the rules, you must ask yourself: “Is it worth it?”

2. Is It A Good Idea?

It’s important to ensure a relationship is genuine before entering one. Does your friendship extend beyond the workplace, or do you bond over an intense project that requires late nights at work or frustration at a boss? When you begin a romantic relationship, make sure you know the answer to that question.

3. Be Professional

Make sure your work isn’t adversely affected by a romantic relationship. In summary, you don’t have to hide your relationship, but you shouldn’t make your colleagues uncomfortable by displaying it so openly. It is possible that co-workers are looking for bias in the workplace. Meetings should be avoided, daily lunches should be avoided, and acting as a unit should be avoided. In addition, avoid sending personal messages during work time as this may be interpreted as unprofessional behavior.

4. Avoid Office Politics 

A co-worker relationship with a seniority level lower than yours can drastically affect your salary or advancement within your company, particularly when it comes to office romances. Also, to avoid any potential conflicts, don’t date people you work with regularly and routinely.

5. Leave Your Relationship For Outside The Office 

You should not display affection in public at work, regardless of how in love you are. Follow the same professional behavior at work as you would with any other co-worker. It means no holding hands, kissing, affectionate nicknames, or liaisons in the supply closet.

In addition, work should never be a place for fighting or arguing. It is best to resolve personal disagreements outside of the workplace. Colleagues will notice this as well, and it may cause suspicion that your relationship affects your work.

6. Plan For The Worst 

A potential breakup should be discussed at the beginning of the relationship. Be careful not to get into a messy argument. The involvement goes beyond you and your partner. A company’s dating policy and the future of your entire office are potentially at risk. 

The decision to move on has to be on your terms if either of you decides to do so. Make a job search a priority before you have to-and do not use your love life as an excuse to leave your current position.

7. Set Clear Boundaries 

The moment you enter the workplace, your partner must become nothing more than a co-worker. Avoid acting like a couple at work, as this can be distracting and make your peers uncomfortable. Keep all relationship matters out of the office until you both leave. 

You shouldn’t bring your home stress into the workplace, but you shouldn’t bring your work stress into your home, either. You will benefit both your job and your love life if you dissociate these two elements.

8. Make Your Relationship Improve Your Work

There is no doubt that you will feel more comfortable around your significant other than with other peers. Take advantage of the spark that already exists between you to achieve success in your work duties. Your partner knows exactly what he or she is good at or what might be challenging. Whether you’re reminding your partner about a deadline or giving them ideas for a presentation, you can help each other. As much as you support each other outside of the office, you should do the same in the office.

9. Be Aware

Know that you will receive much more attention from your significant other than from others. Innocent flirting with a peer may make your partner jealous when no one else notices. In contrast, other peers may remain unaware of unfair treatment by a co-worker, whereas your partner may become upset. Dating at work can be challenging due to increased sensitivity. Ensure that your actions do not undermine your relationship by causing drama at work.

10. Keep Your Relationship To Yourself 

Your superiors will expect you to be open and honest once your relationship becomes serious. In addition to your boss knowing the truth, your peers do not need to know anything about it. You should keep your private life private. There’s no need to tell everyone you’re dating your partner, why, or how long you’ve been dating him. Keep your romance out of the workplace; external influences can destroy a perfectly good relationship. Never reveal intimate details about your partner to your co-workers, as it can be damaging and hurtful to your partner’s career.


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