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Ready for the Future: Topics Everyone Should Know About in 2023

Stay informed and prepared for the future with Blinkist's curated collection of essential topics everyone should know about in 2023. Explore practical solutions for the climate crisis, the future of work, geopolitical tensions, AI's impact, and more. Start learning today!
by Chris Allmer | Jul 11 2023

The world is rapidly evolving, and it’s crucial to stay informed about the key topics shaping our lives. As we leave the challenges of the past behind, let’s explore essential topics that everyone should know about for 2023. 

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To prepare you for the future, Blinkist has compiled a collection of powerful explainers covering essential topics that everyone should know about in 2023. Let’s delve into a selection of 10 issues from this list and explore how Blinkist can help you learn about them.

The Climate Crisis

The climate crisis is undeniably one of the most critical topics everyone should know about in 2023. With extreme weather events becoming more frequent and devastating, understanding practical solutions is crucial. Discover insights from Bill Gates’ bestseller, “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster,” available on Blinkist, as he shares his expertise gained from international climate commissions and funding climate solution startups.

The Future of Energy

We need to find new ways to power our planet as the world heats up. The book “Renewable” from Jeremy Shere takes a look at today’s most promising renewable energy sources. It explains why it is inevitable that humanity will switch to green energy sources, regardless of opinions on controversial topics like climate change or peak oil.

Work in the New Era

A topic you and everyone should know about is that the concept of work has dramatically transformed, and it’s crucial to adapt to the changes. “The Future of Work” by Darrell M. West sheds light on the impact of automation and artificial intelligence on the global workforce. Understanding these shifts will help you navigate the evolving professional landscape in 2023.

The Fragility of Democracy

Democracy has faced unprecedented challenges in recent times. “Edge of Chaos” by Dambisa Moyo examines the critical issues liberal democracies worldwide confront today, providing valuable insights into the state of democracy in 2023.

Shaping a Post-Pandemic World

The COVID-19 pandemic reshaped our lives in profound ways. “Post Corona: From Crisis to Opportunity” by Scott Galloway offers a comprehensive analysis of how the world responded to the crisis and presents valuable lessons to be learned as we move forward into 2023.

The Intersection of Crypto and Culture

Digital art and cryptocurrency are becoming increasingly intertwined, influencing our lives in 2023. Blinkist explores this phenomenon in a Shortcast called “The Future of Art” featuring John Crain, founder of the digital art market SuperRare. His book discusses the role and future of cryptocurrency in the art world and is definitely a topic everyone should know about in 2023.

Prioritize Your Mental Health

Mental health has gained significant attention during the pandemic. In a Shortcast, Miles Adcox, CEO of Onsite, shares insights on achieving more by creating a “margin” in your schedule. Please keep in mind, taking care of your mental well-being remains crucial in 2023 and beyond.

Ukraine and Russia: Geopolitical Tensions

Another topic everyone should know about is the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia – this war remains a global concern. “Ukraine Crisis” by Andrew Wilson analyzes the events surrounding the Maidan uprising, the Russian annexation of Crimea, and the implications for Ukraine, Russia, the European Union, and the world.

The Threat of AI

The advancement of artificial intelligence raises important questions. “Superintelligence” by Nick Bostrom delves into the potential consequences of creating a machine more intelligent than humans. Understanding the implications of AI is vital to shaping the future of technology.

The Rise of Lab-Grown Meat

With growing investments in the lab-grown meat industry, conscious carnivores can expect exciting developments in 2023. “The Third Plate” by Dan Barber, a captivating book on Blinkist, explores the environmental and ethical benefits of lab-grown meat. This thought-provoking read prompts us to reconsider our traditional food production methods and invites us to embrace innovative approaches. By delving into the key topics everyone should know about, including the advancements in lab-grown meat, you’ll be well-prepared to navigate the transformative landscape of 2023.

Blinkist’s approach to explaining complex topics everyone should know about combines relatable anecdotes, examples, and stories to make ideas more accessible. By breaking down big ideas into digestible formats, Blinkist ensures an in-depth understanding of diverse subjects, including the climate crisis, geopolitics, and mental Health.

Get ready for what’s next. Check out the must-know topics everyone should know about on Blinkist for 2023. Try the Blinkist app and stay smart in a world that never stops changing!

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