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Quiz: Are You an Apprentice or Master of Human Nature?

Author of The Laws of Human Nature, Robert Greene, created a quiz to help you figure out how much you know about yourself and those around you.
by Robert Greene | Oct 25 2018

Do you know what makes other people tick? Can you read their cues, or even your own? Robert Greene, author of the new release The Laws of Human Nature as well as international bestsellers, The 48 Laws of Power, The 33 Strategies of War, The Art of Seduction, The 50th Law, and Mastery, has written this short quiz to help you figure out how clued in you are to human nature.

So, are you an apprentice or a master? Find out now.

Tick all that apply:

  1. I use an alias or pseudonym at work
  2. I prefer to make people wait before texting back
  3. I spend my weekends people watching
  4. I prefer documentaries to dramas and reality TV
  5. I remain calm in stressful situations
  6. I enjoy being alone and working by myself
  7. I avoid office gossip
  8. I read the ancient philosophers in my spare time
  9. I don’t engage with Twitter trolls
  10. I am comfortable in unfamiliar social situations
  11. I don’t get upset when my colleagues create drama
  12. I don’t read celebrity magazines
  13. I have a small group of trusted friends
  14. I was the quiet observer at high school
  15. I always take the lead in group projects
  16. I keep a diary of my reactions and emotional triggers and review them daily
  17. I meditate regularly
  18. I’m a good listener
  19. I always set New Year’s Resolutions
  20. I enjoy performance reviews and seek continuous career advancement

Add up your ticks and multiply x 5 = You are xx percent a Master of Human Nature
0-40% = APPRENTICE. Change your circumstances by changing your attitude.
41-60% = STUDENT. Elevate your perspective to reach your goals.
61-80% = SCHOLAR. Continue to advance with a sense of purpose.
81-100% = MASTER. Seize the moment. You have mastered your emotional self.

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