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10 Powerful Mary Shelley Quotes to Ignite Your Imagination

Discover the profound wisdom of Mary Shelley through her iconic quotes. Immerse yourself in the world of Frankenstein, Gothic literature, and Romanticism with these thought-provoking quotes.
by The Blinkist Team | Nov 13 2023

Mary Shelley, the author of the iconic novel “Frankenstein,” is a literary pioneer whose work continues to captivate readers to this day. First published in 1818, Shelley’s novel delves into themes of ambition, creation, and the consequences of playing god. With its exploration of ethical dilemmas and the nature of humanity, “Frankenstein” remains relevant in our modern world, provoking thought and sparking discussions on the boundaries of science and the responsibilities of creators.

Mary Shelley, the renowned author of “Frankenstein,” was not only a master of storytelling but also a poet of the human imagination. Her words have the power to transport us to other worlds, challenge our perceptions, and ignite our creative spark. In this article, we have gathered 10 powerful Mary Shelley quotes that will inspire you to explore the depths of your imagination and unleash your creative potential. Whether you are a writer, artist, or simply someone seeking inspiration, these quotes will remind you of the limitless possibilities that lie within your own mind. Get ready to embark on a journey of imagination with Mary Shelley as your guide.

10 Inspiring Mary Shelley Quotes to Ignite Your Imagination

Life is obstinate and clings closest where it is most hated.

Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

This line emphasizes the resilience and persistence of life. It suggests that life has a tendency to persist and thrive in the face of adversity, often clinging to us even when we try to push it away. It reminds us that the more we resist or dislike certain aspects of life, the more they seem to persist and affect us. It serves as a reminder to embrace and accept life’s challenges, as they are often the very things that shape and define us.

A solitary being is by instinct a wanderer.

Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

This quote emphasizes that being alone is a natural inclination for certain individuals. It suggests that some people are inherently drawn to solitude and find solace in wandering and exploring on their own. This quote highlights the idea that being solitary is not necessarily a negative state, but rather a part of one’s instinctual nature. It encourages us to embrace our inclination for solitude and recognize the value and growth that can come from wandering and exploring independently.

It is hardly surprising that women concentrate on the way they look instead of what is in their minds since not much has been put in their minds to begin with.

Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

This quote highlights the societal pressures and gender inequalities that women face. It suggests that women are often encouraged to prioritize their physical appearance over their intellectual capabilities because historically, society has not invested as much in their education and intellectual development. This quote sheds light on the importance of empowering women to focus on their minds and abilities, rather than solely on their external appearance. It serves as a reminder to challenge and change the prevailing norms and expectations placed on women.

Oh! grief is fantastic; it weaves a web on which to trace the history of its woe from every form and change around; it incorporates itself with all living nature; it finds sustenance in every object; as light, it fills all things, and, like light, it gives its own colors to all.

Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley offers a poetic exploration of the nature of grief and its all-encompassing presence. This quote portrays grief as a fantastical force that intertwines with every aspect of existence, creating a complex tapestry of sorrow. It suggests that grief finds solace and sustenance in every object and experience, permeating all living nature. Like light, grief illuminates and colors everything it touches, shaping our perception of the world. Shelley’s words invite us to contemplate the profound impact of grief and its ability to shape our understanding of life.

A human being in perfection ought always to preserve a calm and peaceful mind and never to allow passion or a transitory desire to disturb his tranquility.

Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

This quote reminds us of the importance of maintaining a calm and peaceful mind in order to achieve personal perfection. It suggests that allowing ourselves to be consumed by passion or fleeting desires can disrupt our inner tranquility. By cultivating a sense of calmness and inner peace, we can navigate life’s challenges with clarity and wisdom. This quote encourages us to prioritize tranquility and to approach situations with a level-headed and composed mindset, ultimately leading to personal growth and fulfillment.

Happiness is in its highest degree the sister of goodness.

Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

This quote highlights the close relationship between happiness and goodness. It suggests that true happiness is not found in material possessions or external achievements, but rather in living a life of virtue and moral goodness. The quote implies that when we act with kindness, compassion, and integrity, we are more likely to experience a deep and lasting sense of happiness. It reminds us that true happiness is not a fleeting emotion, but rather a state of being that is closely tied to our actions and the values we uphold.

Solitude was my only consolation – deep, dark, deathlike solitude.

Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

Once again, Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley captures the essence of solitude and its impact on the human psyche. This quote reflects the author’s experience of finding solace in isolation, emphasizing the depth and intensity of her solitude. It suggests that in moments of profound loneliness, one can find a certain kind of solace that is both comforting and unsettling. Shelley’s words remind us of the power of solitude to provide introspection and self-discovery, even in its darkest and most isolating form.

It is true, we shall be monsters, cut off from all the world; but on that account we shall be more attached to one another.

Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

This quote, from Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley’s novel “Frankenstein,” explores the theme of isolation and the human need for connection. The quote is spoken by the creature, who reflects on the loneliness and exclusion he experiences due to his monstrous appearance. Despite the potential for being outcasts, the creature believes that he and his creator, Victor Frankenstein, will be even more closely bonded because of their shared isolation. This quote highlights the paradoxical nature of human relationships, suggesting that adversity and shared experiences can foster deep connections and understanding between individuals.

Tranquility, allied to loneliness, possessed no charms.

Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

This line highlights the significance of companionship and connection in our lives. It suggests that while tranquility may bring a sense of calmness, it is not enough to truly fulfill us. The quote implies that being alone, without the presence of others, lacks appeal and fails to bring true happiness. It reminds us of the importance of fostering relationships and seeking out meaningful connections with others in order to experience a more fulfilling and satisfying life.

If I cannot inspire love, I will cause fear!

Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

This quote emphasizes the power and determination of the speaker to elicit a response from others. It suggests that if love cannot be inspired, then fear will be used as a means to achieve a desired outcome. This quote highlights the speaker’s willingness to employ any means necessary to achieve their goals, even if it means resorting to fear and intimidation. It speaks to the speaker’s ability to command authority and influence others through the use of fear, rather than relying on love or affection.

In conclusion, Mary Shelley’s words continue to resonate with readers around the world, reminding us of the incredible power of imagination. Her quotes serve as a reminder that creativity knows no bounds and that we have the ability to shape worlds and bring our wildest dreams to life through the power of our minds. So, let these powerful Mary Shelley quotes be the fuel that ignites your imagination, pushing you to embrace your creativity, explore new ideas, and unlock the limitless potential within you. Let your imagination soar and create something truly extraordinary.


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