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Become a Leadership Icon: Polish Your Leadership Skills with Blinkist’s Guides

Discover the power of Blinkist Guides. Guides take you on an interactive journey to elevate your leadership skills. Embrace your true potential and become the influential leader you were destined to be!
by Chris Allmer | Oct 9 2023

Have you ever looked in the mirror and asked yourself, “Could I be a great leader?” If you hesitated or your answer wasn’t a resounding “Yes,” then perhaps you’re not seeing the whole picture yet. The truth is that leadership isn’t the exclusive domain of the few born with an innate ability to command and influence.

It’s not about titles or hierarchical power but about the authenticity of your actions, the strength of your values, and the willpower to improve your leadership skills.

How to Become a Great Leader

A good leader is someone others look up to. They’re like a guiding star for their team, setting clear goals and keeping cool even when things get tough.

But that’s not all—leaders are also great listeners. They’re always tuning in to their team’s needs and finding ways to make everyone’s life a bit better.

How Can I Learn Leadership Skills?

A great place to start? Blinkist’s Guides! A Guide is an expert-led introduction to today’s must-know topics in leadership, communication, personal growth, and much more. Listen as a subject-matter expert introduces you to their field through a collection of hand-picked resources delivering key ideas from books, podcasts, and articles. 

Exclusive to Blinkist, these Guides come with insights you’ll only find here. Each Guide also includes interactive tools and activities to help you reinforce your understanding and sharpen your new skills. They’re conveniently divided into digestible portions, allowing you to start a Guide on your Monday commute and finish over Wednesday lunch.

Our spotlight today is on Robert Glazer’s Guide to “Discover Your Core Values”—because you can’t be an authentic leader without core values.

Discover Your Core Values and Become a Great Leader with Robert Glazer’s Guide

Robert Glazer, author, keynote speaker, and founder of Acceleration Partners, has utilized his wealth of knowledge and experience in leadership to create an insightful Guide on Blinkist. Given his proven track record in leading a highly successful remote team and his passion for helping others reach their full potential, Glazer is well-positioned to offer valuable insights on leadership.

You can start the Guide right from the beginning, or you can skip around to find something you like, whether it’s a quick idea, a podcast, or a fun exercise. You’ll also get a quick review of the key learnings at the end of each part and a final wrap-up at the end of the whole Guide.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll learn in each part of Robert Glazer’s Guide.

1. Living Your Core Values: The First Step to Becoming a Leadership Icon

A great leader must understand and live by their core values. Core values provide a solid foundation upon which all decisions are made, shaping our approaches to challenges. But how can you identify and apply these values?

Blinkist Guides offer a step-by-step process, focusing on energy and time management at work and in life. Following the lessons from the White House by Warren Rustand, they provide insights into developing a clear sense of what drives you.

2. Identifying Your Strengths: Harness Your Unique Leadership Skills

Identifying your own strengths is another crucial step in refining your leadership skills. This Guide draws on Tom Rath’s book “StrengthsFinder 2.0”, assisting individuals in understanding what they naturally excel at, their best state, and how they can utilize these strengths effectively.

3. Leading from Your Core Values: The Key to Authentic Leadership

A leadership icon is not only identified by their command over their work but also by their authenticity. Consistently leading from core values enhances a leader’s credibility and persuasiveness.

This practice makes them more successful in hiring, building loyalty, and managing their team. Learn more about authenticity in leadership in part 3 of this Guide, through the key ideas from Bill George’s book “True North”.

4. Finding Purpose: The Path to Meaningful Leadership

Purpose is a crucial aspect of leadership skills, as it cultivates resilience and reliability, thus shaping the way we live our lives. Viktor Frankl’s “Man’s Search for Meaning,” as featured in Robert Glazer’s Guide, emphasizes how small choices make our lives meaningful.

5. Conclusion: Moving Forward

Now that you have grasped the importance of core values and how to lead authentically, it’s time to put these insights into practice and become a leadership icon. By following the tools and steps provided in Blinkist’s Guides about the core values of authentic leaders, you can take the first steps towards living more authentically and becoming an influential leader.

There’s no denying the crucial role that leadership skills play in shaping the professional world. 

Become a Better Leader with Blinkist

It’s time to dive into the interactive world of Blinkist Guides, where every step is purposefully designed to transform you into an authentic leader. Each Guide is a beautifully woven tapestry of audiobooks, key insights from thought leaders and interactive quizzes that make your journey not just insightful, but also enjoyable and engaging.

You won’t just be blindly following these Guides to become a better leader – instead, you’ll embark on an active journey of discovery, sharpening your leadership skills with each step. These summaries of books and podcasts will fill your mind with powerful knowledge and help you grasp the essence of profound leadership theories, and the quizzes reinforce your learning and ensure you’ve really mastered each topic.

Why should I use a Blinkist Guide?

Learning with trusted guidance takes the burden of finding the right resources off of you. You can sit back and let a pro walk you through it. Guides offer personal mentorship from experts you can rely on, exclusive insights you’ll only get on Blinkist, a wide variety of resources provided in context by an expert, interactive tools to cement your understanding and enhance your skills, bite-sized knowledge perfect for commutes, lunch breaks, or downtime, dozens of essential topics to choose from, and 100 Guides (and counting) across 27+ categories.

And here’s the best part: it all ends not with a full stop but with the beginning of your personal leadership journey. A journey where you’re empowered, enlightened, and ready to make a real difference!

So, are you ready to transform yourself into the leader you are destined to be? Great, because we’re offering a free 7-day trial at Blinkist. Start your journey today, and let’s make leadership skills not just a dream but your reality.

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