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Untangling the Epic Tale: Percy Jackson Books in Order

Embark on a mythological journey with Percy Jackson! Explore his thrilling adventures and growth as he tackles gods, monsters, and high school - in the right order. Crack open the world of Percy Jackson and The Olympians series, one epic chapter at a time.
by Chris Allmer | Mar 29 2024
The Ultimate Guide to Reading Percy Jackson Books in Order

Let’s dive into Percy Jackson and the Olympians, a gripping adventure series penned by Rick Riordan. The series is a fascinating blend of classical mythology and contemporary setting, whisking us away on a whirlwind journey where ancient Greek gods and their drama are a part of the present day.

The star of our story is Percy Jackson, who seems like an average kid until he discovers he’s actually the son of Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea! From this moment on, Percy’s life is anything but ordinary.

He’s sent to Camp Half-Blood, a summer haven populated by other demigod children, where he embarks on quests, battles mythical monsters, and navigates the challenges of being a modern-day hero.

As the series progresses, Percy becomes a beacon of hope and resistance. While learning and growing through each tumultuous quest, his journey personifies excitement, danger, and suspense, all while weaving in rich threads of Greek mythology.

Who is Rick Riordan?

Our crafted storyteller, Rick Riordan, is a respected figure in the realm of young-adult literature. Born and raised in Texas, he began his writing career crafting mystery novels for adults before transitioning into the incredible world of mythology. Drawing on his background as a teacher and his lifelong interest in myths, Riordan has successfully captivated millions of readers around the globe with enchanting stories that speak to both the heart and the imagination.

Why should you read Percy Jackson’s books in order?

The Percy Jackson series deserves your attention from book one. Each book marks a new chapter in Percy’s life, building up from the previous and serving you the entire story in all its richness.

Starting from the beginning allows you to join Percy on his journey of growth from an ordinary kid to a heroic demigod. And who doesn’t love finding hidden gems along the way? There are plenty of subtle hints and quietly planted storylines to discover that you’ll only catch if you follow along in sequence.

Take the third book, “The Titan’s Curse,” for instance. It beautifully sets the stage for monumental events that play out in the later books. So, really, to savor all the action and avoid running into spoilers, start with book one. Trust us, it’s worth every page-turning minute!

Start your journey reading Percy Jackson’s Books in Order

1. Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief 

This inaugural book introduces us to a twelve-year-old Percy Jackson and his astonishing discovery of his demigod heritage. Son of the mortal Sally Jackson and Poseidon, and his powers start to develop as the book proceeds.

Percy sets off on a cross-country mission with a satyr and Athena’s daughter. Their quest? To catch a thief who stole Zeus’ master bolt – the first weapon of mass destruction.

But, along the way, their journey is filled with mythical enemies determined to stop him. Even more challenging, Percy has to build a relationship with a father he’s never met and deal with an Oracle’s prediction about a friend’s betrayal.

2. Percy Jackson & The Sea of Monsters

When the magical tree that safeguards Camp Half-Blood is mysteriously poisoned, the camp’s protective barriers start to falter. Now, time is ticking for Percy and his friends as they have few days to locate the only magical item to save their haven from being overrun with monsters.

The catch is they must sail the dangerous waters of the Sea of Monsters to obtain it. Percy is faced with rescuing his old friend Grover during this mission, and he uncovers a dreadful secret about his family, which leaves him questioning whether being Poseidon’s son is indeed an honor or a terrible curse.

3. Percy Jackson & The Titan’s Curse

When Percy’s friend Grover sends a help signal, Percy gears up for action. They dive right into rescue mode with his demigod friends and trusty sword Riptide.

Turns out, Grover’s found himself two super-powerful half-bloods who don’t know their godly parents. But that’s just the start. They’ve also entered a nasty trap set by Kronos, the titan boss.

And wait, there’s more! Some ancient monster, evil enough to wipe out Olympus, has woken up, and Artemis, the only goddess who could track it, is missing.

Now, Percy and the gang, along with the hunters of Artemis, have a week to find the lost goddess, figure out the monster she was onto, and brace for their biggest challenge – dealing with the icy prophecy of the titan’s curse.

4. Percy Jackson & The Battle of the Labyrinth

Percy Jackson figured first-year orientation wouldn’t be especially funny, but deadly demon cheerleaders and a mysterious mortal acquaintance popped up.

Talk about a buzzkill.

For Percy, the clock’s ticking. The gods and the Titans are on a crash course to war, and even Camp Half-Blood isn’t safe anymore. Kronos’ crew is prepping to breach its usually unbeatable barriers.

With an invasion on the horizon, Percy and his friends must find their way through the Labyrinth – a colossal underground maze filled with unexpected twists and spine-chilling risks – and fast!

5. Percy Jackson & The Last Olympian

The half-bloods have been preparing all year for a showdown with the Titans, even though they know it will be tough as nails. Kronos’ crew is stronger than ever, and every time he recruits a god or half-blood, his nasty Titan power grows.

While the Olympians are busy wrestling with the monster Typhon, Kronos sets his sights on New York City, where Mount Olympus sits defenseless. Now, it’s Percy Jackson and his squad of young demigods against the Lord of Time.

As Percy battles for Western civilization in the streets of Manhattan, a chilling thought nags him – is he fighting against his own destiny?

6. The Chalice of the Gods 

Percy Jackson’s journey doesn’t end after high school; the gods have other plans. To get three letters of recommendation for college (from the gods of Mount Olympus, no less), Percy has three quests to complete.

The first one involves helping Zeus’s personal cup-bearer get his goblet back before it ends up in the wrong hands. With his friends Grover and Annabeth onboard, can Percy pull it off in time? We shall see!

7. Wrath of the Triple Goddess

So Percy needs three referrals from Greek gods to attend New Rome University. After bagging the first one by bringing back Ganymede’s chalice, Hecate gives him a chance to score another — all he has to do is babysit her pets Gale and Hecuba over Halloween week. Easy, right?

Percy, Annabeth, and Grover set up camp at Hecate’s mammoth mansion and attempt to get friendly with the rather scary pets. They’re given an explicit “don’t-touch-anything” rule, but Grover can’t help but sip a strawberry potion.

Cue him transforming into a giant, property-damaging, hyperactive goat. When the dust settles and Grover is out cold, Gale and Hecuba are nowhere to be found.

Now, our trio has to find the runaway pets, fix up the house, and tighten loose ends before Hecate returns on Saturday. With a splash of luck, some demigod magic, and a little help from their friends, they’ll attempt to find the pets and restore peace in the house. Here’s hoping!

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