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On Our Santa Letter: 5 of the Blinkist Team Choose Their Favorite Books

It’s that time of year. If you need a little help choosing books for your loved ones this holiday, we’ve got some recommendations from the Blinkist crew.
by Carrie M. King | Dec 16 2019

It’s mid-December and most of us last-minuters are racking our brains over gifts to get our loved ones this holiday season. To give you some ideas, we asked some of the Blinkist gang to recommend the books that they love. Each of these can be found on the Blinkist app, but they’re also popular nonfiction books that will look dreamy all wrapped up under the tree.

1. Brainfluence

by Roger Dooley

“This book helped me become a better marketing manager by giving concrete examples on how to be more effective at getting a target audience’s attention. A great set of tools that applies to all industries. Awesome read!”– Clément, Senior Performance Marketing Manager

Clément’s pick explores how we make unconscious decisions and what really motivates us. It’s a fascinating investigation that can help you to sell — or buy — better. It’s the perfect gift for the marketer in your life.

2. The Design of Everyday Things

by Donald A. Norman

The Design of Everyday Things forever changed the way I look at products, human errors – and even doors. I walk through life with so much more awareness for the design that surrounds us, and as a Product Manager these blinks let me quickly revisit concepts that help me create great User Experiences. Must read not just for designers, but everybody.”
– Eveline, Product Manager

One of the world’s favorite podcasts right now is the design show, 99% Invisible. It takes its name from the idea that if design is really good, you probably shouldn’t notice it. How often have you thought about the design of most of the things around you? From the doors you walk through, to the containers in your fridge, to the way your supermarket is laid out. This book will heighten your awareness and give you a new appreciation for the world you inhabit.

3. A Peace to End All Peace

by David Fromkin

“This book in blinks provides a comprehensive and compelling account of the recent history of the Middle East. It offers an interesting starting point for understanding the reasons behind current issues in the region.”
– John, QA Analyst

Current conflicts in the Middle East can trace their roots back to colonial interests in the wake of World War I. If you — or a loved one — are eager to understand the complex recent history of the region, this book is an essential read.

4. Sonic Boom

by Joel Beckerman with Tyler Gray

Sonic Boom is an eye/ear opener. It describes how sound and music trigger memories and affect your emotions. It not only provides interesting insights about how businesses make use of it but also how you can use sound for yourself to boost productivity and make your life more enjoyable. Listen closely!”– Stefanie, Workplace Circle Lead

We all have our favorite songs that trigger memories or dance moves. But have you ever thought about how sound more generally affects your day-to-day? Sonic Boom dives into the power that sound holds over us, and looks into how you can use it to boost your professional or personal spaces.

5. Daring Greatly

by Brené Brown

“This book is an essential read for anyone who does creative work, or just wants to be their most authentic self. It looks at how shame holds us back, and how embracing vulnerability is the secret to creativity and connection.”— Carrie, Managing Editor of Blinkist Magazine

You may already have watched Brené Brown’s TED Talks on the power of vulnerability. Any person who puts creative work into the world will know the moment at which you either choose to face the terror or never create anything at all. If you, or someone you love, has been trying and struggling to make something, this book will hit the nail on the head.

At Blinkist, we love books. There’s no greater joy than unwrapping a title you know will take you on a journey, teach you, and open you up to new ways of thinking. Why not pass that gift along this year?

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