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Noom vs MyFitnessPal: Finding Your Ideal Fitness App Partner

Are you ready to start your Fitness journey but struggling to choose between Noom and MyFitnessPal? Take a look at our detailed analysis comparing features, usability, and effectiveness. Find out which app is your perfect fitness companion to stay motivated and achieve your fitness goals!
by Chris Allmer | Nov 16 2023

Looking to get fit and stay healthy? You’re not alone. And with so many fitness apps out there, like Noom and MyFitnessPal, choosing the right one can feel like a workout itself! In our ‘Noom vs MyFitnessPal’ health app comparison, we’re diving into what each app offers to help you make that choice a little easier. 

After all, finding the right app can be the secret sauce to staying motivated and on track with your fitness goals. So, whether you’re just starting on your fitness journey or you’re looking for the best Fitness Tracking Apps, join us as we explore how Noom and MyFitnessPal can be your digital fitness trainers.

What is a Fitness App Good For?

Have you ever wondered what a fitness app really does? Think of it as your pocket-sized gym buddy, nutritionist, and personal coach all in one. These handy apps can:

  • Track your meals
  • Count your steps
  • Plan your workouts
  • Help you reach your fitness goals

Fitness Apps are making it easier to keep an eye on your fitness game, whether you’re at home, at work, or on the go. And there is a market: Nearly 60% of Americans have downloaded a fitness app onto their smartphones.

An Overview of Noom?

Noom is not your average fitness app; it’s like that wise friend who helps you understand your habits and gently guides you to healthier choices. Here’s what’s so good about this behavioral health app:

  • Personal Coaching: You get a coach who’s all about supporting your health journey.
  • Changes Your Mindset: It’s big on changing how you think about food and fitness, so you’re not just following a plan; you’re changing your lifestyle.
  • Tailored Just for You: Your meal and exercise plans? Totally customized to what you need and like.

All About MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is more like the ultimate diary for your health. Whether you’re counting calories, tracking miles, or keeping tabs on your protein intake, this app’s got your back. Here’s the rundown:

  • Food Tracking: The food database is huge; logging meals is easy.
  • Keeps Tabs on Your Workouts: Whatever your workout style, track it and see your progress.
  • Syncs with Your Gear: Got a fitness tracker or smartwatch? MyFitnessPal plays nice with those, keeping all your health info in one spot.

MyFitnessPal is your go-to if you love seeing your health stats and getting the full picture of your fitness journey. It’s for those who get a kick out of the details and love the satisfaction of hitting those daily goals in their calorie-counting app.

Noom vs Myfritnesspal: The Overview

Features Features MyFitnessPal
App Store Rating 4.7/5 · ‎801,456 reviews 4.7/5 • 1.7M Ratings
Google Play Rating Rating: 4.1/5 · ‎307,715 votes Rating: 4/5 · ‎2,671,430 votes
Free Trial 14 days free trial 30 days free trial
Primary Focus Psychological approach to weight loss and habit change Calorie and macro tracking, food and exercise logging
Nutritional Tracking Personalized based on user goals Comprehensive database for detailed logging
Exercise Tracking Basic tracking and integration with other apps Detailed tracking with a wide variety of exercises
Community Support Access to Noom groups and coach Active online community and forums
Educational Content Extensive; focuses on psychology and habit formation Limited to general health and nutrition advice
Customization Highly personalized program Customizable goals and tracking settings
Unique Features One-on-one coaching, behavior change courses Extensive food database, barcode scanner, macro and nutrition breakdown
Device Integration Limited Extensive (including Apple Health, Fitbit, Garmin, etc.)


Unique Features of Noom and MyFitnessPal

Both Noom and MyFitnessPal have unique features that cater to different aspects of health and fitness. Here are five distinctive features of each app:

The Top 5 Unique Features of Noom


  1. Psychological Approach: Focuses on the psychological aspects of weight loss and habit change.
  2. Personalized Health Coaching: Offers one-on-one coaching sessions with health professionals.
  3. Customized Weight Loss Plans: Makes weight loss plans that are tailored to each person’s goals and lifestyle.
  4. Interactive Lessons: Provides over 1,000 interactive lessons focusing on the psychology of eating and healthy habits.
  5. Behavioral Change Techniques: Utilizes behavioral change techniques to help users modify their lifestyle for long-term health benefits.

The Top 5 Unique Features of MyFitnessPal

  1. Extensive Food Database: Features a comprehensive database with over 14 million foods for accurate food tracking.
  2. Barcode Scanner: Includes a barcode scanner for quick and easy logging of packaged foods.
  3. Macro Tracking: Offers detailed breakdowns of daily macronutrient intake.
  4. Integration with Multiple Devices and Apps: Syncs with a wide range of fitness trackers (Apple Health, Fitbit, Garmin)
  5. Customizable Dashboard: Allows users to personalize their dashboard to highlight the stats most relevant to them.


Feature Noom MyFitnessPal
Personalized Coaching
Behavioral Change Strategies
Custom Meal Plans
Diet and Nutrition Tracking
Exercise Tracking
Community Features
Customizable Goal Setting
Fitness Tracker Integration
Subscription Required for Full Access
Multi-language Support
One-on-One Coaching Option

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How Much Are Fitness Apps?

Let’s talk about what’s really in your wallet – the pricing of Noom vs MyFitnessPal. When it comes to health and fitness apps, knowing what you’re investing in is as important as knowing what you’re gaining. 

In this section, we’re going to peel back the layers of pricing for both Noom and MyFitnessPal. From subscription costs to what you get with the free versions, we’ll lay it all out for you. After all, your fitness journey shouldn’t break the bank.

Pricing Aspect Noom MyFitnessPal
Free Version Available No Yes
Free Trial 14-day free trial 30-day free trial for Premium
Subscription Cost Several different options:

From a monthly auto-renewing plan for $42.25/ month to an annual auto-renewing plan $209 USD/ year.

Premium at $19.99/month or $79.99/year
Features in Premium Version
  • Personalized coaching 
  • customized meal plans
  • full access to the app
  • Detailed food database
  • macro tracking
  • food scanning
  • exercise logging
  • priority customer support
Money-Back Guarantee 14-days-money back guarantee 14-days-money back guarantee


User Experience and Interface: Noom vs MyFitnesspal

This part is all about getting to know how each app feels to use on a daily basis. We’re talking design, navigation, and all those little details that can make your journey with a fitness app either a smooth ride or a bit of a bumpy road. 

It’s like choosing between a sleek sports car and a dependable SUV — both get you to your destination, but the experience? Totally different. Let’s see how these two apps stack up in the usability department.

Aspect Noom MyFitnessPal
Design Aesthetic Modern and visually appealing Functional and straightforward
Ease of Navigation User-friendly and intuitive Efficient with a slight learning curve
User Engagement Interactive with daily tasks and coaching Data-driven with detailed tracking tools
Personalization Highly tailored experience based on user responses Customizable goals and settings, less tailored
Feedback Mechanism Personalized insights and regular coaching feedback Analytical insights and community forums for support


Noom vs. MyFitnessPal: Pros and Cons

When choosing a fitness app, it’s not just about the flashy features; it’s also about understanding what works well and what might be a bit of a letdown. In this section, we’ll lay out the pros and cons of each app

This way, you can pick an app that fits your fitness goals and gels well with your lifestyle and preferences. Let’s take a balanced look at what Noom and MyFitnessPal have to offer and where they might fall short.

The Pros of Noom and MyFitnessPal

Aspect Noom Pros MyFitnessPal Pros
Personalized Experience Tailored coaching and individualized plans Customizable goals and tracking settings
User Engagement Interactive lessons and personalized feedback Extensive food and exercise database for comprehensive tracking
Behavioral Focus Emphasis on psychology and habit formation for long-term change Data-driven approach with detailed nutritional insights
Community Support Access to personal coaching and supportive groups Large and active online community for peer support
Educational Content In-depth educational resources on health and wellness Offers basic nutritional tips and fitness advice

The Cons of Noom and MyFitnessPal

Aspect Noom Cons MyFitnessPal Cons
Pricing Subscription can be relatively expensive Premium features require subscription
Device Integration Limited compatibility with other fitness devices Some users may find the interface overwhelming
Time Investment Requires time commitment for maximum benefit Lacks a focus on behavioral change and psychological aspects
Community Size Smaller online community compared to MyFitnessPal Individualized support like coaching is not as prominent
Content Volume The extensive amount of content may be overwhelming for some Educational content is less comprehensive than Noom


Noom vs. MyFitnessPal: Conclusion and Our Final Recommendation

As we finish our comparison of Noom and MyFitnessPal, it’s clear that each app has strengths that fit different health and fitness needs. Noom stands out with its personalized coaching and a psychological approach to fitness habit formation, making it ideal for those seeking guided support in their weight loss and wellness journey. If you want to discover more about the science of eating, we invite you to join Dr. Andreas Michaelides, Chief of Psychology at Noom, to uncover the reasons behind eating habits and how to align them with your health goals.


On the other hand, MyFitnessPal excels in providing extensive food and exercise tracking features, which are perfect for individuals who prefer a more data-driven approach to managing their fitness routine.

Ultimately, the choice boils down to your personal preferences and goals. If you’re looking for an app that combines health coaching with behavior change strategies, Noom is a great fit. 

But if you’re after comprehensive tracking capabilities with a large food database and detailed nutritional insights, MyFitnessPal might be more up your alley.

Whichever app you choose out of our ‘Noom vs MyFitnessPal’ comparison, remember that the right app can be a valuable ally in achieving your health and fitness goals. And speaking about the right apps, Blinkist offers the key ideas of the most influential books in just 15-minute summaries. And the best thing? You can listen to them while you are tracking your food or working out. Take a look and get your first 7 days for free.

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