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This Entrepreneur, Author & Mother Shares Her Foolproof 30-Minute Morning Routine

Hitha Palepu can do it all. She's an entrepreneur, co-founder, author, and mom. We found her secret to staying on top of her personal and professional life.
by Sarah Moriarty | Jan 27 2017

Entrepreneur, co-founder, and author, Hitha Palepu launched the tech platform Bridge2Act in 2015 and is the meticulously-organised mind behind HithaOnTheGo. The New York mom-of-one also released her first book this year.

How does she do it all? Hitha’s secret trick is simple: an effective morning routine.

“My work life balance is no balance at all, it is kind of hundred percent craziness all the time, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!” says Hitha, “I have to maintain a proper routine every morning, if I’m going to have the most productive, efficient and pleasant day possible.”

Waking up every morning between 5am and 5.30am, the beginning of Hitha’s morning is crucial. “The first half hour of my day is the most important,” she explains, “because it’s just for me.” Hitha wakes up, makes her bed immediately and then starts into her 4-step morning routine.

Hitha’s 4-Step Morning Routine

1. 5-Minute Journal

I write about what’s going to be great about that day and what I want to accomplish.

2. Meditation

I then do between 5 and 10 minutes of meditation every morning depending on how I’m feeling that day.

3. Read the key insights from a bestselling book

With my life being as crazy busy as it is, I don’t have the time to sit down and read a full book. Luckily, with the Blinkist app, I get the most important takeaways from bestselling nonfiction that I can incorporate into my life immediately.

4. Listen to the key insights from a bestselling book

The app also has audio versions of the key insights so I can I listen to key insights while I get my workout clothes out and get everything organized for the day.

Some of Hitha’s favorite titles include Getting Things Done, The Pomodoro Technique and Singletasking.

So there you have it: an effective morning routine with an emphasis on focus, self-reflection, and personal growth is how Hitha ensures each day is as fulfilling as possible.

“I have to maintain a proper routine every morning, if I’m going to have the most productive, efficient and pleasant day possible.”

Make sure you’re getting the most out of every day by giving Hitha’s 4-step morning routine a go yourself. Download the Blinkist app to get off to a flying start. You can do it!

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