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Why 23 Million Members Use Blinkist to Quickly Get Key Ideas From Nonfiction Books

by The Blinkist Team | Sep 5 2022

5 Reasons You Should Try Blinkist Today

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Reason 1: Get Key Ideas While Saving Hours of Reading Time.

You’re a busy person, and sometimes it’s hard to fit reading into your life. How often have you thought, wow, that could have been way shorter? When you’re reading to learn, it can often feel like the key ideas are hidden behind hundreds of pages. At Blinkist, we read thousands of nonfiction books for you and distill them into 15 minute explainers. We do the work, so you can get straight to the good stuff. On average, a nonfiction book takes 5 to 8 hours to read. By using Blinkist, you’ll save hours of reading.

Reason 2: Get Access to Over 5,500 Books and Podcasts.

95% of Blinkist members say they read significantly more than they did before using our app. Blinkist has the biggest library of nonfiction explainers with a comprehensive range of topics including self-help, psychology, career & success, relationships, spirituality, politics, history and more! And the best part? It keeps growing. Every month, we’re adding dozens of new titles based on new releases and requests from our members.

Reason 3: Master Your Goals with Curated Lists.

Our team curates book lists into collections to help you gain a deeper understanding of important topics. Want to become more productive? Get ideas from the top books on beating procrastination. Trying to overcome debt? We have a guide designed to teach you how to master your money. Whatever your goals are, you can gain helpful and practical ideas on Blinkist.

Reason 4: Expand Your Curiosity With Free Content Every Day.

Every day, you’ll get a free Blink to help you explore different topics— perhaps in areas you didn’t even know you were interested in! Our members consistently tell us that they’ve gained knowledge in new topics that have expanded their minds.

Reason 5: Share Your Premium Account With Another Person!

When you sign up for Blinkist Premium, you also get to invite one person to experience Premium with you— for free! With our connect feature, you can share ideas freely with this person and help each other grow. It’s our version of a 2-for-1. No strings attached.

There’s no arguing that reading makes for a sharper mind. But maybe you don’t have the time. Or, *GASP*…you don’t really enjoy it. Wherever you land, you should be using Blinkist.


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