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Michelle Zauner and Her Husband Peter Bradley: The Love Story Behind Japanese Breakfast

Uncover the inspiring journey of Michelle Zauner and the influential role Peter Bradley plays in her success as “Japanese Breakfast”. Discover their personal lives, professional partnership, and how they juggle music and marriage.
by Rob Gillham | Nov 16 2023

Meet Michelle Zauner, a 34-year-old standout in the indie rock scene, known on stage as Japanese Breakfast. Not just famed for her music, she’s also the author of the bestselling memoir, Crying in H Mart. Curious to know more about her personal life? Read ahead as we delve into her relationship with her husband Peter Bradley.

Introducing Peter Bradley: Colleague in Music and Partner in Life

In 2014, Michelle Zauner chose to marry her bandmate, Peter Bradley. This occasion was bittersweet, taking place just two weeks before her mother lost her battle with pancreatic cancer.

The couple’s romance blossomed in a bar named ’12 Steps Down’ in the center of Philadelphia. In fact, Zauner’s songs often disclose glimpses of their shared past. One such song, named after the bar, is rumored to capture the moment of their initial meeting.

Zauner dedicated one of her songs, ‘Till Death’, under the alias Japanese Breakfast, to her beloved husband, Peter Bradley. This song is more than just a romantic tune; it’s a sincere gesture of appreciation for their love and companionship. The bond they share transcends their personal lives, uniting in their shared love for music.

Peter Bradley: Musician and Musical Supplement

Peter Bradley serves as more than just Michelle Zauner’s spouse; he has a noteworthy role in her musical success. His record label, Yellow K Records, helped launch Michelle’s first album, ‘Psychopomp’, and continues to back her as Japanese Breakfast.

Children of Michelle Zauner: Any in Sight?

Regarding the subject of children, both Zauner and Bradley have confirmed in interviews and on social media that they are currently without any. They are presently concentrating on their music and numerous professional ventures.

The Journey from Indie Musician to Acclaimed Author 

Known worldwide by her stage name, Japanese Breakfast, Michelle Zauner has garnered notable success in the indie music industry. In addition to her music, she’s renowned for her moving memoir, Crying In H Mart, an account of coping with her mother’s terminal cancer and its impact on her perceptions of identity, love, and sorrow.

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