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Blinkist’s Ultimate Guide to the Top 10 Marketing Blogs in 2024

Drowning in marketing tips but still not seeing results? We feel you! That's why we've curated the 10 best marketing blogs of 2024, packed with actionable advice on SEO, social media, content marketing, and storytelling.
by Chris Allmer | May 13 2024
The Top 10 Marketing Blogs You NEED to Follow in 2024

I once had a client who swore their marketing strategy was a surefire winner. Billboards, social media blitzes—the whole nine yards. But when the results came in… crickets.

Turns out, they’d focused on the wrong trends and completely missed their target audience. Yes, it was a classic marketing mishap.

Sound familiar? With the marketing landscape constantly changing, following the latest trends can feel like chasing butterflies on a windy day.

But I get it. With an industry so big and diverse, it’s challenging to keep track of the newest marketing strategies and trends. And for marketers like us, marketing blogs are sometimes the only resources to stay on top of the game.

And that’s why today, I’m sharing the 10 best marketing blogs to follow in 2024. Plus, I’ll reveal my personal top 3 because who has the time to keep up with 10 marketing blogs?

The Top 10 Best Marketing Blogs in 2024

10. Adweek

This is your glossy, high-res magazine of the marketing world. The Adweek blog is where you get the 411 on everything from brand campaigns to what’s shaking up the advertising sector. 

Plus, enjoy exclusive interviews with marketing thought leaders, such as Walmart marketing boss William White.

9. MarTech

This marketing blog acts as your daily newsfeed, buzzing with the hottest headlines in digital marketing. MarTech offers breaking news, insightful articles, and expert opinions on SEO, social media, content marketing, marketing automation, and the dynamic marketing technology landscape

8. Copyblogger

Imagine sitting down with a master storyteller, teaching you to weave magic with words. From crafting high-converting email campaigns to captivating blog posts and landing pages, Copyblogger helps you transform into the Shakespeare of content marketing

7. Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner acts as your social media detective, dishing out the latest tools, tips, and hidden strategies to make your brand stand out from the noise. 

Additionally, it offers practical advice on the newest social media strategy, content creation, community management, and analytics to help you dominate platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

And if you’re looking to brush up on your social media know-how before diving into the Social Media Examiner marketing blog, be sure to check out our curated list of the best resources in our collection titled This Is Social Media Marketing.

6. Moz Blog

Whether you’re a marketing newbie or a pro, Moz has something to amp up your SEO game. From beginner’s guides to advanced tactics, the Moz Blog covers all aspects of search engine optimization, helping you improve your website’s visibility, drive organic traffic, and outrank your competitors in search engine results pages.

5. Seth Godin’s Blog

Think of Seth as the Yoda of marketing—wise, insightful, and a tad quirky. Seth’s daily blogs will challenge you to think differently and push the boundaries of what you thought possible in marketing. 

Seth Godin doesn’t just explain specific marketing tactics; he focuses on the bigger picture, helping you develop a unique marketing philosophy and approach to connect with your audience in a more meaningful way.

And for more fresh perspectives on work and life from bestselling author, teacher, and global entrepreneur Seth Godin, be sure to explore our curated collection, This Is Seth Godin:

4. Social Media Today

From juicy platform updates to insider tips on crafting killer social media strategies, this marketing blog is your backstage pass to staying ahead in the fast-paced world of social media.

Whether you’re craving inspiration for your next Instagram post or seeking insights to supercharge your engagement rates, Social Media Today has got your back.

And if you need deeper insights into the marketing world, don’t miss out on our curated content specifically tailored for marketing professionals:

  1. Marketing Success in 2023: Discover “The 10 Best Books to Transform Your Strategy and Boost Your Results”.
  2. The Missing Link: Learn about “The Most Important Part of Your Marketing Plan” that you might have been overlooking.

And now, let’s check out the Crème de la Crème of Marketing Blogs—our personal recommendations:

My Top 3 Must-Read Marketing Blogs

3. Content Marketing Institute (CMI) – Your Storytelling Guru! 

CMI isn’t about learning content marketing; it’s about you becoming a storytelling rock star. In their marketing blogs, CMI will help you develop a content marketing plan that aligns with your business goals, so you’re not just throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping it sticks (we’ve all been there). 

And CMI goes beyond just tactics. They’ll also teach you how to create jaw-dropping stories that resonate with your audience, regardless of who you are – a seasoned marketer or a content creation newbie. You should definitely check them out!

2. Neil Patel’s Blog – Your SEO Master!

If digital marketing were a sport, Neil would be your unbeatable coach. His straightforward, actionable advice can turn your strategy from meh to wow. Neil’s marketing blog is all about actionable advice you can use, like, right now!

Whether you’re wrestling with SEO or trying to crack the social media code, Neil’s got clear, step-by-step guides that are easy to understand, even for marketing newbies. Plus, he provides access to a free SEO tool: Ubersuggest

1. HubSpot Blog – Your Marketing Masterclass!

HubSpot’s marketing blogs are all about building real connections with your customers, like that friend who remembers your birthday and sends a thoughtful message. Their blog offers a complete roadmap, guiding you from attracting website visitors to turning them into raving fans. 

And the best part: HubSpot offers plenty of free resources for email marketing campaigns, landing pages templates, and many more. Also, HubSpot offers access to many case studies, so you can experience all the theory in action.


Our Thoughts on the Best Marketing Blogs

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