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How To Improve Brain Functions By Writing Things Down

Do you use your brain in the right way? Watch this million-dollar advice from Jack to make sure you're getting the best from your most complex organ.
by Tom Anderson | Jan 27 2017

Do you use your brain in the right way? Watch this video to learn a simple tip to make sure you’re getting the most out of your most complex organ.

As you go about your day-to-day life, your brain is understandably very full. It is filled with plans, daydreams, memories, and relatively unimportant information like your shopping list or a reminder to renew your gym membership.

Unfortunately, this means when a great idea comes along—an idea which could really make a difference—you often have no room for it in your brain. With no room, you are unable to dedicate the brain space and time necessary to your great idea. This can feel frustrating and lead to a general feeling of being overwhelmed by daily life.

Change the way you think about your brain

So what can you do? According to productivity guru extraordinaire, David Allen, the key trick is to change the way you think about your brain; stop viewing it as a storage device and start viewing it as a thinking tool. Start effecting change by transferring heaps of less important information out of your brain—that shopping list has to go!—and onto a list.

Your brain is a thinking tool, not a storage device.

Once you have this information recorded, you won’t forget it and you’ll have the brain space required to ruminate on great ideas as they occur to you. Who knows? This trick could lead to your million-dollar breakthrough.

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