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A Love Letter For Our Users

A few words we need to say.
by Caitlin Schiller | Feb 13 2017

The Blinkist Team

The world brims with inspiring ideas and huge potential—and it’s also pretty complex. We know it’s tempting to curl up and hide from the hard parts. What amazes us is that you never do.

And we love you for it.

You dare to delve deeper, explore the unknown, and follow your curiosity. You tackle the tough stuff and embrace life—from climate change to becoming a parent—in all its complexity.

The best part is that you write us, tweet us, and call us to share. We love hearing how you’re growing thanks to what you learn on Blinkist because it inspires us to be better, too. And isn’t that precisely what love should do?

Whatever you’re up to this Valentine’s Day, know that somebody in Berlin (in fact, 45 somebodys + 1 small dog), loves you.

All of us at Blinkist

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