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The Woman Behind The Fighter: The Truth About Jon Jones’s Wife

Exposing the private life of powerhouse UFC Champion Jon Jones. From being a devoted partner to Jessie Moses to a doting father, we explore his life beyond the UFC fame.
by Rob Gillham | Dec 5 2023
Credits: TheSun

There’s no denying that Jon Jones (36 years old) is one of the most recognized fighters in the mixed martial arts sector. The celebrated former champion of the UFC’s Light Heavyweight division is not just known for his professional accomplishments but also his personal life.

This article will delve into his brighter side, focusing on the truth behind the speculation about whether the woman by his side, Jessie Moses, is Jon Jones’s wife.

The Truth Behind The Question: Is Jon Jones Married?

Jon Jones and Jessie Moses, high school sweethearts from New York, have shared a love story that spans almost twenty years. Despite raising three daughters together, they have yet to become husband and wife.

Their relationship took a serious turn in the early 2000s, with Jones proposing to Moses in 2013. However, in September 2021, turbulence rocked their relationship when Jones, during the evening of his UFC Hall of Fame induction, was taken into custody following allegations of domestic violence, battery, and damaging a vehicle.

Suspicions arose that Jones had assaulted Moses when she was found by a Caesars Palace security guard bearing a bloody lip and blood-smeared clothing. Moses later claimed in a statement that Jones had physically assaulted her while their children were present.

Ultimately, Jones was released after pleading no contest to a minor charge of property destruction. Following the incident, Jones caused a medium-sized dent in a police car by banging his head against it, also removing some of its paint.  

However, subsequent video footage suggested a potential return to normalcy between the couple.

By February 2022, police body cam footage from the incident had been publicly released. In a since-deleted tweet, Jones revealed that Moses had left him in the aftermath of the incident.

Despite this, rumors started to circulate about a possible reconciliation when Jones thanked his “beautiful fiancee” after defeating Gane at UFC 285. Throughout UFC 285 fight week, Jones indirectly hinted at Moses’s presence in Las Vegas during an interview with Michael Bisping, Adam Catterall, and Nick Beet.

Confirming these hints, Moses was seen supporting Jones in his victorious return during UFC 285, with Jones expressing his gratitude for his “biggest supporter” in a post-fight interview. However, specific insights about their relationship and family life remain undisclosed as their social media profiles are kept private.

Father of Three Daughters: Jon Jones’ Family 

Jon Jones, widely heralded as the greatest mixed martial arts fighter of his generation, is a proud father to three daughters alongside his partner Jessie. His journey into fatherhood began in 2008 with the birth of his eldest daughter, Leah.

A year later in 2009, his family expanded with the arrival of his second daughter, Carmen Nicole Jones. His youngest daughter, Olivia Haven Jones, graced the family in 2013, completing their happy trio.

Debunking Retirement Rumors

Although there have been rumors about Jon Jones’ retirement, the fighter has not officially announced or confirmed his retirement. Many fans are eagerly anticipating his return to the Octagon, given the high standard he has set during his fighting career.

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