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Through the Fairway and Beyond: Spotlight on Jimmy Walker’s Wife, Erin Stiegemeier

Join us as we delve into the intriguing world of renowned golfer Jimmy Walker. Discover his rise to fame, enduring love story with his wife Erin Stiegemeier, resilient battles, and victorious moments. Get inspired by their tale of unity and passion.
by Rob Gillham | Jan 17 2024
Through the Fairway and Beyond: Spotlight on Jimmy Walker's Wife, Erin Stiegemeier
Credits: Tannen Maury / EPA

While the world of golf acknowledges Jimmy Walker for his talent and prowess, his wife, Erin Stiegemeier, stands by his side. Erin was also a sports professional, and after almost 20 years of marriage, they are indeed a powerful couple.

This article goes beyond the greens and tees of the six-time winner on the PGA Tour to bring into focus Jimmy’s wife and their relationship together, a constant of his life.

A Steady Pillar in Jimmy Walker’s Life since 2004

Erin Stiegemeier has been Jimmy Walker’s anchor since 2004. They met at a Nationwide Tour event, where he was taking part in competing, and she was volunteering. 

Their shared passion for the sport and mutual respect cemented their relationship, which has endured through time. They started dating and got married a year later. 

Erin Walker: a Proud Mother, Business Woman, and Horse Rider

Erin used to be a professional equestrian showjumper. She is a nationally acclaimed sportswoman, but after getting married, she decided to turn the competitiveness down and focus on her future as a businesswoman and a mother.

Erin and Jimmy have two children, Mclain and Beckett, and they are a close family who go together to support their father in all his competitions.

Even though she quit the professional competition in equestrian riding, she continues to ride and participate in show jump competitions.

Against All Odds: Their Battle with Lyme Disease

A personal storm was brewing in the quiet aftermath of the 2016 PGA Championship victory that marked a career peak for Jimmy Walker. 

The athlete was diagnosed with Lyme disease, a tick-borne illness. Amid these challenging times, Erin emerged as his rock.

Her admirable courage and relentless support remained a steadying force amidst the turbulence.

At the beginning of 2018, Erin announced that she was also diagnosed, but luckily, they were both symptom-free and being treated by a professional team. Many people shared their best wishes every time they posted on social media.

They both recognized it was hard to keep their lives as normal as possible, especially with their children, since we were short on energy to play with them. 

In 2023, Jimmy Walker went back to the golf course and is now training hard to compete at the same level he used to do before the diagnosis.

Jimmy Walker’s talent and accomplishments on the golf course, coupled with Erin Stiegemeier’s unmatched support and strength, weave together a remarkable narrative of personal and professional success.

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