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Understanding the Israel-Gaza War: Our Curated Book Selection

A curated book selection from the Blinkist team to learn about the history and context of the Israel-Palestine’s war.
by The Blinkist Team | Oct 20 2023

The Israel-Gaza war has been a subject of international concern for years, with both sides experiencing immense loss and suffering. As the conflict intensifies with recent offenses, it is turning into a catastrophic humanitarian situation. This has sparked a greater desire among people to seek more information in order to gain a better understanding of the exact events unfolding and the gravity of the situation.

To gain perspective and knowledge of the ongoing events in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, it is crucial to examine its historical context. That’s why the Blinkist team has especially selected the best books to better understand it. As a commitment to spreading knowledge and fostering knowledge, this curated collection will be made available for free to all users until the end of October. By delving into the key figures, events, and underlying tensions that persist in this enduring and intricate dispute, we aim to provide a comprehensive perspective on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and its current unfolding events.

A hand-picked collection to Better Understand the Israel-Gaza War

1. A Peace to End All Peace by David Fromkin

A captivating historical account that delves into the complex repercussions of the post-World War I peace treaties, particularly the one signed in 1919 between the Allied powers and the defeated Central Powers. Fromkin meticulously explores how this seemingly hopeful peace agreement ultimately sowed the seeds of future conflicts and reshaped the geopolitical landscape of the Middle East.

2. Jerusalem by Simon Montefiore

Simon Montefiore’s meticulous research and masterful storytelling bring to life the diverse characters, conflicts, and cultural shifts that have shaped Jerusalem over the centuries. From biblical times to the present day, he delves into the religious, political, and social complexities that have made Jerusalem a symbol of spiritual significance and a hotbed of conflict. This book is a must-read for anyone fascinated by the intersections of religion, politics, and history.

3. Israel by Daniel Gordis

“Israel” is a compelling read for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of Israel’s unique position and the dilemmas it confronts on its path to secure and sustain its national identity. A thought-provoking and deeply personal exploration of the topic of Israel’s history, identity, and future. Drawing on his experiences as an American immigrant to Israel, Gordis offers a nuanced and insightful perspective on Zionism, Israeli politics, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

4. Palestine by Nur Masalha

In “Palestine,” Nur Masalha provides a comprehensive account of the land stretching across the eastern Mediterranean, encompassing modern-day Lebanon to Egypt. Through meticulous research and a vast array of sources, Masalha offers a nuanced exploration of the region’s rich history. From the ancient Philistine civilization to the emergence of Palestinian nationalism in the nineteenth century and the establishment of Israel in 1948, Masalha chronicles the diverse and complex narrative of the land now known as Palestine.

5. The Hundred Years’ War on Palestine by Rashid Khalidi

Through rigorous analysis and careful examination of historical events, this book challenges prevailing misconceptions and offers readers a deeper understanding of the complex dynamics that have shaped the Palestinian experience. By delving into the nuances of Palestinian history, “The Hundred Years’ War on Palestine” encourages readers to develop a more informed and empathetic perspective on this enduring and significant conflict.

6. The Seventh Million by Tom Segev

The fascinating and eye-opening exploration of the untold stories and suppressed history of the Holocaust survivors who made their way to Israel after World War II. Segev masterfully sheds light on the complex and often overlooked experiences of these survivors, who faced the challenge of rebuilding their shattered lives amidst a backdrop of political turmoil and evolving national identity.

7. Failed States by Noam Chomsky

“Failed States” by Noam Chomsky is a seminal work that remains highly relevant in the world of literature and its connection to history. He meticulously examines the actions of the United States as it relentlessly pursues its geopolitical and economic objectives. Through an in-depth analysis of historical examples, this book exposes the inconsistency between the United States’ professed commitment to promoting democracy and its actual practices, both domestically and internationally.


Understanding the Israel-Gaza war is crucial for anyone seeking to grasp this complex conflict’s historical, political, and human dimensions. To learn more about the subject, Blinkist is offering this exclusive collection of hand-picked books free for users until the end of October. By reading these books, you can gain deeper insights into the historical context, political dynamics, and human stories at the heart of the Israel-Gaza conflict. This opportunity to access these valuable resources allows readers to educate themselves and engage in informed discussions, fostering a greater understanding of this important issue.


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