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Introducing Blink-ku: The World’s Best Nonfiction Books in Verse

Accessible for Everyone
by Caitlin Schiller | Apr 1 2015











For one low monthly price you can start learning with Blink-ku today, or choose our carefree installment plan:

  • 14 pounds of fresh Maine lobster, delivered bi-weekly
  • 10% of your yearly income the first year proceeding the promotion you’re sure to score with Blink-ku**
  • 3 dozen Starbucks gift cards (the kind with the puppy on it) and
  • Your firstborn child†

** Results may vary
† Firstborn child must be trained to read, write, and summarize poems within first four months of life. Illiterates will not be accepted as legal tender.

*Source: Image Credit: brain by Mark McCormick (CC BY 3.0), feather by (CC BY 3.0)

While you're here...

... let us tell you a little about who we are.

Blinkist Magazine is made by the same people who make — yep, you guessed it! — Blinkist. We spend our days transforming crucial insights from the best nonfiction books into powerful little packs of wisdom that you can read or listen to in a matter of minutes.

If you’re curious about the app, why not ? If it’s not for you, just cancel your subscription during the trial period and you won’t be charged. Happy learning!

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