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INFOGRAPHIC: How Your Before-Bed Rituals Were Shaped By History

What does Mesopotamia have to do with your dinner?
by Carrie M. King | Oct 25 2017

From keeping cats and dogs to taking care of our teeth, most things we do on a daily basis have a long, proud history. But, where did each of these little rituals start?

Greg Jenner’s book, A Million Years in a Day examines where our everyday routines come from by walking us through a normal Sunday. Last week, we took a look at our mornings, so here’s a quick overview of how we ended up with some common evening habits.

Come have dinner with the Mesopotamians or drinks with the ancient Chinese and find out who started the traditions you carry out every day… before they were cool.

If these little histories of your daily routine have sparked your interest, then why not check out this great title on Blinkist?

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