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Get to know our new, custom-made cover designs

When you open up the Blinkist app, you'll find some exciting changes to what you see and how you discover new content.
by The Blinkist Team | Jul 7 2021

Based on feedback from our community, we’re excited to debut new illustrated cover designs for all our Blinks—plus updates to Shortcast and Collection covers and a key improvement to in-app format labels.

5 Fast Facts about our new Blinks covers:

1. Because we’ve boosted our content output and started developing new formats like Shortcasts, our community told us that it was getting more difficult to tell what format they were looking at in the app, find what they’re looking for, and choose what they need.

2. Our in-house creatives worked with a diverse team of artists and designers, who did a complete custom redesign of over 4,700 original covers on all Blinks.

3. Blinks covers not only feature beautiful designs, but now include a quick preview for users of what the Blink is about

4. Blinks, Shortcasts, and curated Collections covers each have unique designs to help them stand out for users while browsing through our fast-growing catalog.

5. We also gave our app some small but important upgrades, too—you can now tell more easily what format you’re browsing at a glance with color-coded format labels

The result? Blinkist learners can make even faster decisions about what they want to listen or read, and enjoy more time well spent learning and growing.

The new cover and format label updates are available to Blinkist premium members on both iOS and Android.

Here’s what you can expect to find in our latest app release:

New, custom-made Blinks covers

Distinct looks between formats

Improvements to our format labels

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