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A Closer Look at George Jones’s And The Women Who Became His Wife

Exploring The Marital Sands of Country Star George Jones: Meet the Wives who Shared his Heartbreak, Triumphs, and the Love that Finally Flamed His Sobriety.
by Rob Gillham | Dec 28 2023
A Closer Look at George Jones’s And The Women Who Became His Wife
Credits: The Augusta Chronicle

George Jones’s life was as tumultuous as his soulful music. As a country music legend, he significantly impacted the music industry. But his personal life— particularly his marriages— often made it into the headlines.

This article will delve into his married life, particularly his relationships. 

Married Life of George Jones: Meet His Four Wives

George Jones married four times in his life. 

At 18, George Jones married his first love, Dorothy Bonvillion, in 1950. With an unsteady income from various odd jobs and a predilection for bar visits, Jones found challenging to maintain a peaceful marital existence.

Dorothy cited Jones’s excessive drinking as the backbone of their issues and sought a divorce in 1951 whilst six months pregnant with their daughter, Susan

A court ruling forced Jones to give weekly financial support to Bonvillion – a directive he failed to uphold regularly, resulting in his incarceration on two occasions. To avoid a third-term sentence, Jones enlisted in the Marines. 

After leaving the Marines, Jones tied the knot with Shirley Ann Corley in 1954. Despite having two sons together over a decade-long marriage, history repeated itself with Jones’ chronic alcohol abuse looming over their relationship.

This marriage, too, ended in divorce when Jones found himself irresistibly attracted to fellow country music star Tammy Wynette.

A Country Fairytale: Mr. and Mrs. Country Music

After Jones exchanged vows with Tammy Wynette, known as “First Lady of Country” in 1969, they became known as “Mr. and Mrs. Country Music“. 

George and Tammy had a child together. They welcomed their daughter, Tamala Georgette Jones, into the world on October 5, 1970.

Georgette followed her parents’ footsteps into the music industry and often performed with her father.

Despite their daughter’s birth, their marriage couldn’t keep up with their fame. It crashed in 1975 following rumors of Wynette’s affair with Burt Reynolds.

Wynette later revealed her decision to leave was also fueled by Jones’ alleged concerning behavior, characterized by drunken threats of violence; Jones, however, vehemently denied these claims. 

George Jones and Tammy Wynette’s relationship was a tumultuous one, marred by alcoholism, infidelity, and domestic abuse. Despite their hardships, they still managed to create beautiful country music together, which resonated with their fans.

Upon Tammy Wynette’s death in 1998, George Jones was deeply affected. He shared a soul-stirring eulogy revealing his heartbreak, saying he had lost his best friend.

Aside from George Jones, Tammy Wynette had four other husbands. She was first married to Euple Byrd and then Don Chapel.

After her relationship with George Jones ended, she went on to marry Michael Tomlin and, finally, George Richey.

George’s Fourth Marriage and His Path to Sobriety

1975 marked the end of Jones’ third marriage. It wasn’t until 1983 that he found a transformative love in Nancy Sepulvado who also became his fourth wife.

Jones credited Sepulvado with steering him on a life-altering path toward sobriety. The couple remained devoted to each other until Jones’ passing in 2013 at the age of 81

George Jones’ Children

In total, George Jones was a father to four children – two daughters and two sons. His daughters are Susan Jones from his marriage to Shirley Ann Corley and Tamala Georgette Jones from his third marriage to Tammy Wynette.

His sons, Bryan and Jeffrey, were born to her second wife, Shirley Ann Corley.

The life of George Jones has always been fascinating, a blend of melody and turbulence. His relationships with his wives were as passionate and volatile as country music itself.

This is captured in their timeless songs that are still revered today. 

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