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For Blink Lang Syne: The Best of Blinkist in 2017

With 2018 about to take the stage, we look back at the best books from 2017 to hit the Blinkist catalog. Maybe one of your favorites is here too!
by Joshua H. Phelps | Dec 27 2017

2017 draws to a close. We start rummaging through the garage, trying to remember where we put those leftover fireworks from the Fourth of July (or, if you live in Germany, you go to the grocery store to buy them). Amid all the New Year’s party-planning, though, this home stretch of the year allows us to look back and reflect. In this case, at the best books in the Blinkist library from 2017.

The Best of Blinkist in 2017

The books touched on the newest ideas in psychology, examinations of current events and past history, biotechnology, and so much more. Word of their quality caught on around the office and many staff at Blinkist offered personal recommendations for these titles. Curl up somewhere comfy and (if you haven’t already) dive into these hot titles from 2017.

1. How Emotions Are Made

by Lisa Feldman Barrett, PhD

“These blinks were a great introduction to an alternative, and quite complex, theory on the meaning and making of human emotions. The way Barrett explains the influence of our personal experience and our culture in the creation of our emotions is particularly thought-provoking.”

– Clare, English Production Manager at Blinkist

2. The Death of Expertise

by Tom Nichols

“During my studies, I realized that many people treat education as a commodity that they can purchase and then put on their CVs. These blinks explain why the days of campuses being places of true educational expertise are over and lay open alarming truths about the world we’re living in.”

– Robyn, German Production Manager at Blinkist

3. A Crack in Creation

by Jennifer A. Doudna and Samuel H. Sternberg

How does gene-editing work, and what implications does the CRISPR technology hold, now that it has become affordable across a range of bio-industries? The authors of the book bring their own expertise in the field to offer insight on the potential boons and banes of genetic engineering. Whether you’re excited for the coming progress in this field, or hesitant about the consequences of tinkering with the building blocks of life, exploring this work promises to spark discussions afterward.

4. Scale

by Geoffrey West

“These blinks were somewhat of an unexpected delight. Scale covers the often surprising laws that govern how various phenomena relate as they scale, and their consequences; from why transatlantic steamships were initially considered a silly idea to why you don’t have to fear meeting Godzilla in the streets anytime soon. A really interesting read!”

– Erik, English Production Manager at Blinkist

5. Irresistible

by Adam Alter

“Adam Alter’s book on the ways in which we become addicted to technology – and how the designers of technology knowingly get us hooked – is eye-opening and a little scary.”

– Ben S., Head of Salad at Blinkist

6. Sea Power

by James A Stavridis, USN (Ret.)

“I haven’t read much maritime history before, so I found this tour of the world’s oceans and their historical significance fascinating.”

– Ben H., Head of Content at Blinkist

7. Hit Makers

by Derek Thompson

“I studied literature and art and am fascinated by pop culture phenomena. Reading about the mechanisms and psychology behind what we call ‘hits’ was a pleasure for me.”

– Laura, Publishing Manager at Blinkist

8. Perennial Seller

by Ryan Holiday

Perennial Seller gives essential advice on how to make your creative work succeed in the market. The fact that surprised me the most was that you need a healthy dose of humility to be an outstanding marketer.”

– Robyn, German Production Manager at Blinkist

BONUS: If you want to hear more from Ryan Holiday after finishing Perennial Seller, check out his interview on the Blinkist podcast, Simplify.

9. Unplug

by Suze Yalof Schwartz

Meditation is often stigmatized through its New-Age-y associations. Schwartz’s book turns the practice into something approachable with multiple examples of how to go about it, so you can find what works for you and how you can fit it into your life. On top of that, the book provides findings from studies touting the benefits of meditation. Take a deep breath and dive in.

10. Age of Anger

by Pankaj Mishra

“People are angry. Angry with politicians, angry with migrants, angry with the media. Where did all this rage come from? In Age of Anger, renowned historian Pankaj Mishra looks into history to analyze our current despair. I found these blinks an incredibly useful introduction to the philosophical, historical, and political roots of our modern problems.”

– Thomas, Head of English Content at Blinkist

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